Preventing Skin Tags

Preventing Skin Tags

How can you prevent a skin condition from occurring, especially when you are told that they come with age? You can never know when freckles, liver spots, age spots, or skin tags will appear. But a little research may reveal new information you never thought of before. Such as, can your diet really help prevent skin tags?

Did you know that your body has the ability to heal itself? Yes, if you knew what to do and what to eat. Fasting has proven to be an effective way of ridding the body of toxins; the number one cause of many illnesses today. As we are constantly bombarded with pollution in the air we breathe, we need to detox ourselves from time to time. A healthy immune system is very important to having a healthy body and may even prevent these unsightly growth called skin tags.

Skin tags are pieces of skin that protrudes from the skin and sometimes have a short narrow stalk. As many as 50-100 skin tags can be found on the human body when affected. They are dark in color and are relatively painless and can be found under the armpit, neck, groin and eyelids.

One of the causes of skin tags is overweight. We know that being overweight is caused by ingesting the wrong types of food and larger portions than what we are to have. We need to replace the fast or junk food from our diet and replace with a home cooked meal enriched with foods from the main food group pyramid. We need to lessen the amount of saturated oil from animal oils and increase the amount of unsaturated fats found in fish oils. More fruits and vegetables and organic foods should be ingested. This will enhance and maintain our immune system, which in turn will be able to defend our bodies from illnesses over time.

Another cause of skin tags is diabetes. Having diabetes means that your glucose (sugar) level is high and not enough insulin is produced to control it. It is important to note that, while diabetes does not mean that you are eating too much sugar, a sensible and balanced diet must be adhered to. Exercising is also a must, at least 30 minutes each day for five days.

Skin tags are professionally diagnosed but may be prevented or prolonged by maintaining a healthy lifestyle; diet and exercise. Remember, they are not cancerous or contagious.

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