Basic Facts About Skin Tags

Basic Facts About Skin Tags

Also known as soft fibroma or acrochordon, skin tag, as its name suggests, is a little soft, hanging roof of the skin characterized by a rod or stem. The appearance of the skin tag can show up on any skin surface, but it is usually found in parts of the body that are normally rubbed against the skin, like armpits, eyelids, the groin, neck, under area breasts and chest.

Skin tags are the composition of nerve cells, the nuclear channels and fibers of the skin, and fat cells. These show up on skins that has good health and there are no known symptoms. Worsening of this skin condition can happen if there is always scratching or rubbing the skin.

Those who are overweight, diabetic and pregnant have the likelihood to have skin tags. The root cause may not be known until known, but it goes to show that heredity may play a small role. Other risk factors include the illegal use of steroids and human papilloma virus. The known reason why skin tags are developed is rubbing of skin against the skin, most especially on the parts with folds and wrinkles.

The texture of the skin tags are usually irregular and smooth and the surface has a flesh or brown appearance protruding by fleshy stems. Most of the time, the skin tags do not fall, and there are distinct cases in which some people really take note of this skin condition. At the beginning of the disease, skin tags are as small as 2 mm and equal to 1 cm in diameter.

Over the counter solution for this skin disease is now available. This solution operates through the skin tags by freezing, leading the tags to fall in just a couple of weeks. Another easy way is to remove some skin tags by means of scratching, but then again, this only leads to bleeding and pain.

If the characteristics of skin tags are to be taken into account, it will show that it is not absolutely necessary to go through treatment. But if there are aesthetic concerns which are present, or if there is constant irritation, it is better to have skin tags removed. When it comes to skin tags removing the right thing to do is consult a dermatologist. There are now professional treatments that make it possible to get rid of skin tags.


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