Do Skin Tags Need To Be Sent For Biopsy?

The removal of the most ordinary skin tags may be done without the need of sending for biopsy or microscopic examination. But then again, it has to be considered that there are still growths with larger attributes and atypical characteristics that may be removed and be sent to a pathologist for testing. This is done in order to guarantee that it is really a skin tag and nothing else. Whenever skin tags are removed, the discarded skin tags are ordinarily thrown into special medical waste containers.

However, there are cases in which sample tissues are sent to a pathologist in order to have the tissues undergo microscopic examinations. This kind of examination by a pathologist is normally required whenever the skin tags are bleeding, and are larger and irregular in nature. This is done in order to guarantee that there are no cells that may trigger skin cancer. It has to be noted that skin tags that abnormally bleed may also possess the necessity of undergoing pathologic examination.

Because of rubbing, bleeding of the skin tags may happen. In order to avoid bleeding and minimal pain from occurring, it is best to take advantage of the several skin tag removal techniques that are popular these days.

One common home solution that you can do in order to get rid of skin tags has something to do with typing dental floss or thread around the tag. By means of doing this, the blood supply will be cut off which subsequently makes the growth fall off the skin. But then again, even though this can be done at home, achieving the best result may take several days and even weeks especially if there are so many skin tags that must be treated.

It is better to consult your doctor about your skin condition. If there are several skin tags, it is likely for your doctor to recommended procedures involving skin tag removal. In order to get rid of the skin tags, offered to the patients these days is a wide variety of skin tag removal options. There are surgical methods that can taken advantage of. For one, cauterization is used in order to burn off the growth by means of an electric current. But then again, multiple treatments are involved in this kind of treatment. More so, skin discoloration is likely to be experienced by the patient.


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