Will Removing A Skin Tag Leave A Scar?

Skin tag can disfigure you and make you look rather ugly and unsightly. When it comes up on areas of the body that are very conspicuous, you will never like how it shows up on your skin. There are times that the skin tag may not be present in places on your skin where people can see it. At times like this, you may not bother about getting it removed; since this skin condition does not have any adverse effect on the skin. There are also some other time when the skin tag can be on places on your skin where the whole world can see it. Because of the stigma that this can have on your personality, you may do well to get it removed.

You don’t always need to rush to the hospital each time you notice this skin condition called skin tag on you. You can always get it removed at home. Do not forget that medical healing methods can be considerably expensive. But with home remedies, you may not even spend a dime to get rid of the skin tag.

While you are thinking of removing skin tag from your skin, you need to think of the possible outcome of what you are about to do. You need to ask yourself if removing the skin tag will not lead to the formation of scars on the skin.

The possibility of skin tag forming scars after removal is dependent on the method implemented in its removal. There are some removal methods that will cause the formation of scars and there are some other removal methods that will not lead to the formation of scars on the skin.

If you decide to chop off the skin tag; like many people do, there is great possibility that you will end up with scars on the skin. In case you decide to go through surgery, scars will also form on the skin after the skin tag had been surgically removed.


If you decide to tie up the skin tag and prevent the flow of blood into it, this method may not lead to the formation of scars at the end of the day. Simply tying it up will prevent blood from flowing into the skin tag. This will make the skin tag die a natural death and it will peal off the skin on its own leaving no scar in its wake. But the scar formed after removing skin tag can always be treated using lightening creams.


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