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A skin tag is a protruding section of the skin that resembles a tag. Skin tags commonly occur in areas where there is friction between skin and skin. These areas include armpits, under breasts, eyelids, groin, chest, and upper neck. Skin tags are not cancerous and cause no symptoms unless they are agitated by scratching or rubbing. If large skin tags are subjected to a lot of pressure they can rapture. The components of a skin tag include: ducts, fibrous tissue, nerve cells, fat cells and an epidermis. There are people who are more susceptible to the condition probably as a result of being overweight, hereditary factors, and other unknown reasons. They are also common for people who have diabetes.

One of the methods that are used to remove skin tags is freezing. It is the most widely used method of skin tag removal but many people shy away from skin tag removal. The main reason is because skin tags usually occur in sensitive private areas of the body such as under breasts and the genital area. Although skin tags are not cancerous, they can be very unsightly to look at. As a result, many developments have been made in the procedures involved while removing them.

The process of skin tag freezing usually took place in a hospital but this has recently changed dramatically. There has been an increase in production of freezing kits that can be safely used in homes. This has in turn caused a considerable reduction in the prices of home skin tag freezing kits. As a result, they have become very easily accessible to people who used to be embarrassed about having skin tags. Skin tag freezing kits are not very well known and people usually get difficulties deciding what type of kit to buy.

One of the most popular freezing kits is known as a cryosurgery freezing kit. This kit can be able to instantly freeze more than 21 different lesions on the skin such as tags and warts. This kit is relatively more expensive than other kits but it is more effective as well.

The Histofreezer Cryosurgery freezing kit is yet another type of kit used to freeze skin tags. The freezing kit is usually enough for 5 freezes and it is easy and safe to use. The freezing process with this skin tag freezing kit takes about 40 seconds and it has been proven to have a 100% rate of success in dealing with skin tags.

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The appearance of skin tags is always different from what had been noticed in any other skin condition. This special appearance tends to give the skin condition a rather special place among several other skin conditions around. It appears like a lump on the skin. The lump is held in place by a stalk. This makes the skin tags looks like a plant of sort on the skin. The skin tags is common in that it can affect practically everybody. Skin tags come up more often as one grows old. It had however been discovered that the skin condition can come up in those who are young. Skin tags can occur on any part of the body whatsoever. It can get easily bruised and a bruised skin tags can get easily infected. Infected skin tags can lead to further complication on the affected person. This is why the skin condition should be removed as soon as possible. Some simple treatment methods that can be applied on the skin tags will be discussed below. You can actually apply them at home.

Do you need surgical removal?

You can pay a visit to the hospital to get the skin tags removed in case you do not like to apply any home made removal method to get rid of the skin condition. If you feel you have the financial muscle to bear the cost of the surgical removal, you can also make up your mind on the surgical removal of your skin tag. The skin tags removed this way can actually lead to the formation of spots on your skin. You need to keep that in mind as you are considering surgical removal.

Home remedies are better.

Instead of wasting your resources on surgical removal of the skin tag, you can always depend on some very common home remedies that will deal with the skin condition with any problem. You can sit at home and apply these methods without any problem of any kind.  You can tie string around the stalk of the skin tags and this will prevent blood and nutrient from flowing to the skin tag. With consistent application, the skin tags will be removed from your skin.


Depending on any home remedy for the removal of skin tags will surely not lead to the formation of spots on your skin. In case any spot comes up, there are also simple home remedies that can get rid of the spots.


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Skin tag is a common skin condition. Many individuals out there are having this skin condition and they are looking for ways to get rid of the skin condition. Skin tag has a way of affecting the beautiful appearance of the skin. It can come up on any part of the body; irrespective of the fact that the place is open or not. Skin tag is associated with areas of the body where friction is common. It can be found on the neck, the genitals and even the anus.  When it comes up on the skin, it looks like hanging grain of rice and it usually has the same color as the color of the skin on which it is growing.

There are different ways of treating skin tag. Some of the treatment methods can involve a visit to the hospital, while the others can be carried out at home. This write up will open your eyes to some of the common treatment methods that you can carry out naturally at home. Skin tag treatment is not covered by your health insurance. This means you will have to pay to get them removed at the hospitals. You will therefore be able to save some money by making use of any of the home remedies outlined below.

Liquid nitrogen

It is possible to obtain liquid nitrogen over the counter and this can help a great deal in dealing with this skin condition.  Application of liquid nitrogen will help to freeze the skin condition and this will help to get the skin condition removed from your skin after some days of consistent treatment.  You will only need to apply the liquid nitrogen directly one the surface of the skin condition as many times as possible in the day.

Clip it off

You can also cut off the skin tag from your body using an ordinary scissors. This is a very fast way to get rid of the skin condition. It is however a rather painful way to get things done. You only need to hold the scissors close to the base of the skin condition and get it cut off.  A spot will most likely form on the place where the skin tag had been cut off after the spot is healed. You can make use of lightening creams to help remove the spot from your body. You can still make a search online for several other natural ways of removing this skin condition.


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Skin tags do not have any direct health implication in the least. It is actually very easy to get it removed if you want to. But in case you are not bothered about removing it, it will never lead to any health problem of any kind. But it can become infected when the tag is located in areas like the scrotum and the anus. In this case, you will have to get the tag removed without delay. There are several methods by which one can get rid of skin tags, but the problem is that many of the methods do take rather long time before you get good result. Through this write up, you are going to learn about methods that can help you with the removal of the tag within very short period of time.

Chop off the head

In order to remove skin tags quickly without delay, you can make use of your scissors. Apply the scissors directly to the base of the tag and cut it off. The truth of the matter is that this method is rather crude and painful. But it is one of the fastest methods for removing skin tags at home. It is however important to ensure that the scissors you are making use of is sterile. Aside this, make sure you sterilize the scissors after use. In place of scissors, you can also make use of nail cutter.

Over the counter drugs

Several researches had been made into the problem of skin tags and this had led into the development of several drugs that can be used for the treatment of this skin condition. There are several topical creams that can now be used for treating it. All you need to do is to apply the creams directly on the skin tag and you can be sure that things will be resolved within a rather short period of time. After a while, the skin tags will completely disappear from your skin.


It is also possible for you to remove skin tags medically and quickly using cosmetics. Those doctors that do face jobs are the ones that will help you with this.  But you need to understand that this method can be considerably expensive to come by. You also need to understand that your health insurance will never cover you on this one. So, you are completely on your own if you make use of this method for removing skin tags.


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Skin Tags & Diet

What is about to be revealed through this write up may sound rather unbelievable to some people. But you can choose to believe what you feel comfortable about. The truth will always remain the truth; even if it sounds unbelievable. Can you ever believe that skin tags can be caused by the kind of food you take? You must have heard that excessive tension to the skin can lead to the formation of this skin condition. But you can take it that the kind of food you take too can determine if you end up with skin tag. Through this simple write up, you will learning about how your food can determine if you get the skin condition or not.

The diabetic are susceptible

Anyone who has type II diabetes can end up with this skin condition called skin tags. The presence of excess glucose in the blood is responsible for it. When you take excessive carbohydrate, you stand a very good chance of ending up with skin tags. If you do not want to end up this way, you will do well to reduce the amount of carbohydrate you take in your diet on daily basis. Instead of taking excessive carbohydrate, you should distribute your food to cover every other form of food class.

Consider fatty food

Foods that are rich in fat had been discovered to help in reducing the possibility of having skin tag. Instead of taking carbohydrate, you can decide to lean more towards fatty foods. It is not every form of fatty food that can be helpful in putting the skin condition under control. There is the saturated form of fat and there is the unsaturated form. If you really want to be free from skin tags, then you need to reduce the amount of saturated fatty acid you take and consume more unsaturated fatty acid.

Food containing unsaturated fat

The junky stuffs you take are rich in saturated fat. Consuming them can lead to skin tags. In case you really need a final solution to the skin condition, you need to take natural foods that are rich in fat. Home meals will be better instead of living on junks; since fat derived from such foods contains the unsaturated form of fat.


You need to understand that a change in diet will not suddenly result into disappearance of the skin tag. You need to be patient for the result to come.

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Large Skin Tag

When the skin has tiny growths developing on it, it is never a pleasing thing to have let alone look at. These tiny growths may be painless and stand to cause no apparent damage to the health of the skin. Such a growth is called a skin tag. They resemble warts but that is not the case. As they appear some of the stalks will remain stunted and others may grow to be the size of a grape. In shape they may grow to be flat based or they protrude with a stalk. A skin tag may grow alone or in a cluster, and thus very noticeable from short distances; if they are developing on a part of the body visible to all such as the face or neck.

A small one can grow into a large skin tag, the level of irritation on such tags gets to be also high. If the large skin tags are in parts of the body which experience frequent friction, then the skin tag can be quite the nuisance. They will be very irritant to friction and at times start to bleed in turn causing some pain. Bearing in mind that skin tags are harmless, such instances will be few. When a large skin tag regularly bleeds then immediate medical attention should be sought. This will reduce the chance of them bringing about other infection on the areas that they are on let alone making them get irritated or infected.

In the hands of a dermatologist proper measures will be undertaken to control the bleeding and also to have the troublesome skin tag removed. Large skin tags will be more prevalent in areas of the body that are warm with a strong blood supply. The armpits, the anal area and the genitals will tend to have them. These areas also do experience a lot of friction thus leading to the bleeding of the skin tags. Thus the obvious way of solving this predicament is by the skin doctor performing a minor surgical procedure to remove the skin tag.

The process will see the doctor employ a simple cutting of the protrusion using a scalp or through cauterization, which is using a heated instrument to burn the tags off the skin. The skin tag can also be removed thorough the use of Lasik surgery or by simple freezing the tags till they fall off the skin using liquid nitrogen. Although all the mentioned procedures are effective, they are rather expensive. Nevertheless the results of the procedures give one a complete large skin tag free skin.

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Remove Skin Tags On The Eyelids

The eyelids are very essential parts of our eyes. They enable us to keep off dust from our eyes. Skin tags on the eyelids can be very irritating and discomforting and that is why people seek to remove skin tags on eyelids. People also remove skin tags on eyelids for cosmetic reasons. Skin tags are actually a skin condition that is characterized by skin that is small and hanging. This skin condition is very common but not cancerous.


There are several causes of skin tags. You can directly contact skin tags; they can be inherited genetically and also caused by being overweight. For women, those who have an alright weight but have larger breasts compared to their body are also likely to have this condition affecting them under the breast. This skin condition equally affects men as women hence there is no sex that is prone to this skin condition than the other.


Skin tags affect several parts of the body. This skin condition can be observed in areas of the skin subjected to friction from other skin or cloths like the underarms, the folds of the groin, the neck, the upper chest, and the eyelids and under the breasts. Skin tags can sometimes be lighter than the rest of the surrounding skin or even darker. Some can be flesh colored, others wrinkled, others flat and others on a peduncle which makes them hang.


Skin tags can be removed by various means. To remove skin tags on eyelids, you can use medications meant for warts. Those who have tried have noted that the treatments for warts work better on skin tags hence use these medications to remove skin tags on eyelids.


Another way to remove skin tags on eyelids is by using the tie and snip method. You can tie the base to remove skin tags on eyelids and snip it off by the user of a pair of scissors. For this process, you need a thread and a pair of scissors. The thread is used to tightly tie the skin tag and stop the flow of blood into it. This will make it numb and when you snip the tag off, you will not have any pain. Since a wound will be left, you need to keep it clean. Peroxide will enable you do that as you remove skin tags on eyelids.


In conclusion, as you try to remove skin tags on eyelids, ensure that you talk to our dermatologist to tell you how best to remove skin tags on eyelids.

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Sharon asks…

where in england can i buy skin tag removal cream or remedy?

i don’t want it done by the doctor or a Professional and i have seen SKIN TAG REMOVAL REMEDY but it is all in america and they dont ship. a website i saw said that it could be wart remover too but which one? thanks….
oh and the skin tag is on my face……..

admin answers:

In England a doctor will remove a skin tag for free straight away in his office by either tying a piece of thread around it to cut off the blood supply or by freezing the skin tag using liquid nitrogen. However, with a skin tag on your face you won’t really want to walk around with a piece of thread hanging from it or risk any scarring.
We offer a 100% natural skin tag remover suitable for use anywhere on the body. All it takes is one simple 15 minute treatment and the skin tag will fall off in a few days. We also ship worldwide for a flat rate shipping fee.

Skin tags are skin outgrowth that appears on the skin that is frequently under friction. It normally affects overweight people and those with diabetes but also can be found on any one. Skin tag is not a disease and it should not worry you as it is completely harmless. Some fall off from the skin after being rubbed by the clothing however most skin tags rarely fall off. Skin tags do not require the doctor’s attention since they don’t cause infections like cancer, only in cases where they increase in number or if you remove them and they reappear on the same spot is where you can seek medical assistance.

It is your choice to use whatever method you prefer since they all have a common goal that is removing the skin tag. You can choose to remove skin tags by tying a piece of string on the skin near the skin tag, this cuts the blood supply to the skin tag and it eventually dries and falls off.  This is not very convenient as it involves living with a string tied around your skin, sometimes it may take even a day or two for the skin tag to fall off.

The other option is cutting the skin tag with a scissors; this is rather painful and involves a little bleeding. Make sure the scissors or blade you are going to use is sharp and sensitized, you can sensitize using fire or hydrogen peroxide if available. Cut the skin near the skin tag and numb the small wound with a cold substance since it is abit painful. Clean the wound with an antibacterial to prevent germs from causing infections on the wound. If you are afraid to cut the skin tag on your own then you can visit a health professional who can perform electrosurgery. Make sure you cover the wounds after cutting the skin tags to prevent irritation and further treatment.

You can also choose to treat skin tags using liquid solutions; they are not painful but can be rather dangerous to the skin and leave a scar. This method involves freezing the skin tag with liquid nitrogen; the liquid kills the cells tissue of the skin tag quickly living minor scars on the wound. These liquids should only be used under the instruction of a doctor and the prescriptions followed, don’t extend the period of usage of this solutions as they are very dangerous to your skin.

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Lisa asks…

is there a home remedy to remove skin tags from inside upper thigh?

I’m going on holiday soon and have a couple of skin tags on my inner thigh, what can I do to remove them quickly? I’m really self conscious about them, especially now that I’m going to be wearing a swimming costume. Help!


admin answers:

There certainly is Lisa! You can use our home kit to remove skin tags from anywhere on your body, its really easy to use and just takes one 15 minute application. You will be feeling fabulous in your swinning costume in no time! 🙂