Large Skin Tag

Large Skin Tag

When the skin has tiny growths developing on it, it is never a pleasing thing to have let alone look at. These tiny growths may be painless and stand to cause no apparent damage to the health of the skin. Such a growth is called a skin tag. They resemble warts but that is not the case. As they appear some of the stalks will remain stunted and others may grow to be the size of a grape. In shape they may grow to be flat based or they protrude with a stalk. A skin tag may grow alone or in a cluster, and thus very noticeable from short distances; if they are developing on a part of the body visible to all such as the face or neck.

A small one can grow into a large skin tag, the level of irritation on such tags gets to be also high. If the large skin tags are in parts of the body which experience frequent friction, then the skin tag can be quite the nuisance. They will be very irritant to friction and at times start to bleed in turn causing some pain. Bearing in mind that skin tags are harmless, such instances will be few. When a large skin tag regularly bleeds then immediate medical attention should be sought. This will reduce the chance of them bringing about other infection on the areas that they are on let alone making them get irritated or infected.

In the hands of a dermatologist proper measures will be undertaken to control the bleeding and also to have the troublesome skin tag removed. Large skin tags will be more prevalent in areas of the body that are warm with a strong blood supply. The armpits, the anal area and the genitals will tend to have them. These areas also do experience a lot of friction thus leading to the bleeding of the skin tags. Thus the obvious way of solving this predicament is by the skin doctor performing a minor surgical procedure to remove the skin tag.

The process will see the doctor employ a simple cutting of the protrusion using a scalp or through cauterization, which is using a heated instrument to burn the tags off the skin. The skin tag can also be removed thorough the use of Lasik surgery or by simple freezing the tags till they fall off the skin using liquid nitrogen. Although all the mentioned procedures are effective, they are rather expensive. Nevertheless the results of the procedures give one a complete large skin tag free skin.

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