Skin Tag On Nipple

Having a skin tag developing on the nipple would be that last place on would expect to have skin tags. This though is not unheard of. It does happen, affecting both men and women.  Skin tags on the nipples are however more common among women than among men. Why this is, is due to a fact used to support the appearance of skin tags on any other part of body. On women, it may appear on their nipple if they are breastfeeding. Due to the friction caused when the baby sucks on the nipple when feeding, doctors say it may be a contributing factor to having a skin tag on the nipple.

Just like skin tags on any other part, the growths on the nipple are known to have no health risk to the breast or to the health of both the mother and the baby. Since these are skin growths, many women and also a number of men will be very alarmed when they appear on the nipples. The first instance is that of presuming the condition to be a breast cancer related ailment. This though is not the case with skin tags. To have the cancer worry handled and put to ease, consultations with a doctor is advised before jumping to conclusions.

Skin tag on the nipple tend not to growth into large sizes as compared to other skin tags on like on the armpits or on the neck. They are also less itchy when rubbed thus one can have them and still manage to breastfeed comfortably.  Nevertheless, if the skin tags do have a high sensitivity then one should have them checked and if possible removed by a skin doctor.

In the care of a skin specialist or a dermatologist there are suitable solutions one will be offered to remove the skin tag. The use of straight forward surgical procedures will be commonly employed in the removal of the growths. Since a skin tag on the nipple are in most cases fairly small in size they will be removed by cutting them.  This however will to pose to have slight pains been experienced. The use of liquid nitrogen or laser surgery to remove the tags is a much faster and fairly painless endeavor. All will leave the nipple will no side effects of treatment and with little or no signs left of a skin tag having been there.

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