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Skin tags are one of the leading skin conditions all over the place. The condition can affect practically anyone, of any sex or race. It can also occur on practically any part of the body; including the penis. There is also no age limit to those that can be affected by the skin condition. This is to tell you that you too stand a very good chance of having the skin condition. The skin condition however has no link with cancer; as some individuals are contemplating. But it has a way of making the skin look considerably ugly. For cosmetics reasons, you may then decide to get it removed from your skin so as to regain your normal skin color back. Skin tags on the penis can also get easily bruised due to consistent friction with clothing.

Need for treatment

There are so many treatment methods available for the removal of skin tags from any part of the skin including the penis. You can decide to get the thing treated at home or at the hospital. Both ways of getting the thing treated had been discovered to give the required quick healing. Removing the skin tags from your penis will also prevent any complication due to bruising.

Surgical removal

Surgery can be used to treat this skin condition. This has to be carried out at the hospital under the direct supervision of a trained surgeon. This is one of the fastest methods for curing skin tags.  After the surgery, some scars will be left on your skin, but the scars can be removed with the aid of lightening creams.  The surgical procedure can be considerably expensive. Since your health insurance does not cover such a surgical operation, you will have to pay for it from your own purse.  The amount you end up paying is determined by the number of skin tags you want to get removed from your body.

Try hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide too can be helpful in removing the skin condition. You should dilute the hydrogen peroxide any way before you make use of it for removing your skin tags.


Aside the use of hydrogen peroxide, you can always depend on other solutions like glycolic acid for the complete removal of the skin condition from your penis or any other parts of your body. This area of the body needs to be handled very carefully anyways to avoid injury.

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Skin tags are nothing really to worry about. Normally skin tags are just pieces of skin on various parts of the body that are harmless and thus require no treatment. However these skin tags might appear on some parts of the body that might compromise on the beauty of a person. Due to this, most people prefer to remove skin tags because of the cosmetic value. Once removed, the skin remains very smooth and vibrant once again.

It is not only for cosmetic reasons that warrant the removal of skin tags. There might be other reasons that compel somebody to remove the skin tags. These reasons include discomfort caused by the skin tags once they come into contact with clothes or even jewelry at sometimes. Repeated rubbing of the skin tag to the cloth will cause the skin tag to get bruised and start to itch. The skin tag will constantly be having bruises that are very uncomfortable.

Another reason that might make one want to remove skin tags is when they change color contrary to the skin color. It is common for the skin tag at times to change color and shape. This is not just a normal occurrence and may indicate something deeper than just damaging your appearance. Mostly change in color indicates an infection to the skin. This results to a health risk and thus it becomes mandatory for the skin tag to be removed.

Skin tag removal is not a very complex process as there are several ways in which it can be done. It is all about the patient’s decision to choose from the many ways in which skin tags can be removed. These many skin tag removal procedures include ligation, cryotherapy and cauterizing. The patient will decide to choose on these methods but here we shall focus on the ligation method of skin tag removal.

Ligation as the name suggests, is simply cutting off something by means of a clip.  A good example would be how the placenta of a mother and baby is cut off. Here the skin tag is tied tightly so that there is no more blood flow to and out of it. Once the blood supply has been cut off the skin tag will slowly whether out and finally fall of like a dry piece of skin. The method is effective and has no effect on to the surrounding cells. Though there might be minimal pain involved, ligation is recommended since it is safe and easy to do.


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Skin tag makes the skin look rather unattractive. It will look so unsightly on you to the extent that people may even be forced to avoid you in public places.  There are times that the skin tag may not be present in places on your skin where people can see it. At times like this, you may not bother about getting it removed; since this skin condition does not have any adverse effect on the skin. There are also some other time when the skin tag can be on places on your skin where the whole world can see it. It sounds like a great idea to get rid of the skin tag on time; considering the stigma attached to it by people who see it on you.

There are so many ways to get rid of skin tag from your skin. Solutions to the skin condition can’t only be provided at the hospital. You can always get it removed at home. Do not forget that medical healing methods can be considerably expensive. But with home remedies, you may not even spend a dime to get rid of the skin tag.  In case you want to get rid of your skin tag at home, this write up will give you some removal tips.

Cut it off at home

Instead of going to the hospital for expensive treatment method, you can always cut the skin tag off at home. A scissors will be proper for this purpose. It is very important to hold the scissors directly to the root of the skin tag while cutting it.  It is also very essential that you make use of sterilized scissors only. It is therefore not in your best interest to make use of communal nail cutter for this purpose. After you must have finished with the chopping off, you must ensure that you sterilize the equipment you use. New equipments will be the right thing to use; considering the fact that they help to reduce pain.

Tie a string

A string can also be tied round the base of this skin condition to get it removed right at home. When you do this, blood supply to the spot will be cut off. Since the skin condition requires blood and nutrient from your body supply to thrive, it will die when you cut the supply off. After some times, the skin condition will die off your skin and you will be able to regain your smooth skin back.


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There are different forms of skin problems. But skin tag is a rather special one among them in that it grows in a rather strange manner in comparison with any other form of skin condition. It appears like a lump on the skin. The lump is held in place by a stalk. This makes the skin tag looks like a plant of sort on the skin. The skin tag is common in that it can affect practically everybody. It can also occur at any age. But several researches have shown that it is more common as one grow old.

It should also be noted that skin tag can appear on any part of the body. On several occasions, it had been noticed on the neck of certain individuals. Skin tag on the neck does not differ in anyway from the ones that grow on any other part of the body. This form of skin tag is however very obvious and everyone who walks past you on the street will see it on you. In case you do not like the idea of people staring at your neck as you go on the walkways, you may decide to get the skin problem removed.

The surgical removal

The skin tag can be easily removed by surgery; in case you are the type that loves to do things appropriately all the time, you can decide to pay a visit to the hospital when you notice the skin tag on your neck. The skin tag can be easily removed by excision. The spot of removal can then be treated to prevent blood loss. After some hours, the pain should be over. There is also rarely any possibility of the skin tag removed this way to grow back.

Some home remedies

Aside the surgical method described above for removing skin tag on the neck, there are some home remedies that you can easily make use of to get rid of the skin tag. You can sit at home and apply these methods without any problem of any kind.  You can tie string around the stalk of the skin tag and this will prevent blood and nutrient from flowing to the skin tag. The skin tag will die off within a very short period of time.


There are several other home remedies that can also be used for the removal of this skin problem on the neck. But you need to be certain that it will not harm your skin further before you apply it.

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Several methods had been developed for the effective removal of skin tags. The methods can work effectively on any individual that is affected by the skin condition. You can be sure that you will not have any problem with how to get it removed. In most cases, the methods available for removing the skin condition do not require that you visit the hospital. You can simply get things settled right at home without having to waste a lot of your hard earned money on hospital bills. The methods highlighted below for removing skin tags are also very simple to follow.

Try Garlic

When you apply garlic on your skin tags, you are sure of getting rid of the thing under very few weeks. The use of garlic on the skin condition had been discovered to be one of the best ways to get it removed without delay. Many people had actually used it with very good results, but lots of researches are still going on concerning how useful the material can be for the removal of skin tags. You should be able to buy garlic all over the place. Wash the surface of the skin condition and directly apply the garlic onto the surface. It is best to carry out the application once every night before you sleep. After applying the garlic, you can cover the skin condition with band aid so as to keep the garlic on through the night.

You can use duct tape

In order to remove skin tags from your skin, you can also cover it up with duct tape.   Make sure that the duct tape gets it covered adequately. Before putting on the duct tape on the skin tags, make sure that the skin condition is well washed. In a matter of weeks, the skin condition would have been dealt with. Make sure that you change the duct tape every day until the skin condition is gone.

Cryotherapy can help

This is also a very effective method of getting rid of this skin condition called skin tags. This method involves the freezing of the skin condition. It is also done with liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen is applied directly on it with the aid of a cotton swab. This will automatically freeze off the skin condition. It is one of the most painless methods for removing skin tags from the skin and it can only be performed in a hospital. You may also be able to do it at home if you can get liquid nitrogen.

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Skin tags do not in any way fit into the skin naturally. It is actually an eye sore. It gives the skin a rather rumpled look and anyone having it may find it difficult to present his or her skin in the public. It looks like some kind of tiny hanging skin. But generally, it is not harmless in any way. The skin condition can be common in some sets of people while some other set may not be predisposed to it. In case you have detected skin tags on your skin and you are already thinking of getting rid of it, this simple write up will educate you on how to get free from this skin condition.

Salicylic acid can help you out

The use of salicylic acid for the removal of skin tags does not produce result overnight. In actual fact, it may take months before the skin condition is removed from the skin. This means that you need to be patient when you are making use of this method for the removal of the skin condition. You can easily buy the salicylic acid at any of the drug stores around and you only need to apply it to the skin tags. You are sure to get better results if you first of all rub the tags with emery board before you apply the salicylic acid.

Duct tape can resolve things

It is also very possible to treat your skin tags with the use of duct tape. It had been discovered that this method can perform the same function as the salicylic acid mentioned above. You only need to place the duct tape around the hanging skin after rubbing with emery board. You need to change the duct tape every day and put on fresh one till the skin tag leaves the skin. Some people think this is a much weird method. But its weirdness does not matter as long as it helps to treat the skin condition.

You can use garlic

The use of garlic can also be very helpful in treating skin tags. Each night before you sleep, rub the garlic on the skin condition. Make sure that the garlic covers every inch of it. After this, cover the skin condition with a bandage. You should get positive result after applying this treatment method for some months. You will also need to repeat the process every night till the skin tag leaves your skin. This may however be somewhat painful; unlike the other method that had been mentioned above.

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Skin tag is very common. It had been around for quite a while and several individual scientists have been making researches into this skin condition and how it can be taken care of. The several researches had led to the development of what is known as skin tag removal kit. The kit is one thing you will need if you really want to get rid of any kind of this skin condition. There is no kind that it does not contain equipment for. It consists of several simple equipments that can be easily used in taking care of this skin problem.

What does it contain?

The skin tag removal kit contains lots of equipment. They are also very easy to make use of and you will never need any kind of extended tutelage on how to make use of each and every one of them. One of the equipments you will find in the kit includes the tweezers. With the aid of this equipment, you can easily remove the growth from your skin. You can use the tool to get hold of the base of the skin tag and hold it until the tag freezes. This will help to remove the tag from the root. You need to dip the tool into liquid nitrogen for some seconds and use the tool to hold the base of the skin tag. Hold it in this position until the tag freezes before removing the tool.

Another very important tool contained in a skin tag removal kit includes the scissors. This can be used to hold cut off the tag right from its root. In place of the duo, you can also make use of the nail cutter. This can be very effective to be used for removing the tag from your skin.

Caution while using

While you are making use of the skin tag removal kit, you need to ensure proper sterility of the tools.  After you must have finished using the kits, make sure that you sterilize it before returning it back into the kit box.  It is also not in your best interest to share the tools with someone else.


It is not too expensive to buy the skin tag removal kits. Check any of the utility store or drug stores that we have around and you should be able to lay your hands on one that you can use for removing tags from your skin.


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Skin tags can be seen on any part of the body. There is rarely any part of the body on which it can not grow. This is causing some measure of worry for those who are having it. The problem with this skin condition is that it can end up leading to one form of infection or the other on the individual affected by it. When this happens, the tag will lead to stigmatization for the individual. In case you are having Skin tags on very uncomfortable parts of your body and you are already thinking of removing it, this simple write up will show you what to do in order to be able to get it removed under very short period of time.  You can also get it done very safely.

Using baking soda

Baking soda can be mixed with castor oil to perform the wonder of removing Skin tags. What you need to first do is to mix both together and make them into a paste. Apply the paste onto the surface of the tag and leave it to dry. Leave it in this state for as long as possible and you can be sure that the Skin tag will be removed from your skin before long. For faster result, you can apply the paste for up to three times in a day. You will never feel any pain throughout the treatment period. After about two days, the Skin tag should be gone from your skin.

Topical application of vitamin E

You must have heard that vitamin E can be used orally. But you also need to know that it can be used topically; especially when it comes to the treatment of Skin tags. Vitamin E had been known to be a very important component of body creams and it has great function of rebuilding the skin. You can use it in a different form for the treatment of the tag. What you should do is to look for a band aid and place some vitamin E on it. Wrap the band aid with the vitamin E on the Skin tag.  Leave it in position until the band aid begins to show sign of loosening up. This is a sign that the tag is loosening up. Check if it has been removed and if not, repeat the process. Consistency will ensure that the Skin tag gets removed from your skin.

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Skin Tag Removal Dangers

Many methods are already available for the removal of Skin tag from the skin. It is however not safe to make use of just any of the methods without proper investigation into how safe or otherwise the method is. It is not all the common methods for the removal of the tag that are safe. Some of them can be considerably dangerous and they can lead to further damage to the skin if care is not taken. Some possible dangers that can be encountered when removing Skin tag will be highlighted below

Unsterilized equipments

Some tools had been developed for the removal of Skin tag.  Before any of the tools are used, it is very important to find out how sterile or otherwise they are. In case the tools are not sterile, using them will automatically introduce infectious agents into the tag. This will lead to infection of the tag and you will be in need of more elaborate medical procedure to take care of the infection. You will do well to ensure that your tools are sterilized before being used for the skin condition called Skin tag.

Swelling may occur

Some removal methods for Skin tag can be very crude. Some of them involve the yanking off of the tag. This forceful removal will automatically prompt the body to produce white blood cells and other substances and these cells will move to the area where the tag had just been removed. Swelling will occur instantly at the spot. In most cases, the swelling can be very painful. This situation may also lead to very complicated health conditions.

The painful aspect of things

Many of the methods that are used for the removal of Skin tag can lead to pain. Some of the pains can be very frightening. This is one other dangers of removing skin tag. The pain can be felt more if the tag is located in areas around the anus, scrotum or the penal region.


It may even be better to let the Skin tag be instead of removing it. Since it does not cause any form of health problem, it can just be left alone. You can be sure that it will never lead to any form of complication this way as long as you do not allow things to brush over it.  Leaving it alone can also mean that you do not mind bearing the tag all over the place for every one to behold on you.

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Right from the moment that the world began to take notice of the occurrence of Skin tags, several researches had been conducted into how to get it removed from the skin. Some of the researches were conducted under proper scientific conditions, while some other ones were conducted using the most crooked   of all methods. This is why you need to be very careful about the methods you make use of for the removal of your Skin tag.  Some of the crooked or local methods that had been developed for the removal of the skin condition can end up leaving one form of scar or the other on your skin.  At the end of the day, spots that you do not want to have on your skin may end up being present.

Methods to avoid

There are some methods of removing Skin tags that you should run away from. Any method that requires the release of blood when the tag is being removed has the propensity of causing scar by the time the tag had been completely removed. Any method that involves the cutting of the tag should therefore be avoided. There are some other methods that do not make use of such cruel techniques. You should try to look out for such safe methods when you want to get rid of your Skin tags so as not to end up with scars on the skin.

Don’t use scissors

The use of scissors for the removal of Skin tags can lead to scars on your skin. The scissors gets the tag removed in the most crooked of all manners and by the time the tag is removed, some scars may be left in its wake. In order to get your fresh skin back, this method may not be the best for you in removing Skin tag.

Tweezers may not help

When you make use of tweezers for removing your Skin tags, you may also end up with scars. It may therefore not be in your best interest to make use of this method so as not to have scars at the end of the day.

Try vitamin E

The use of vitamin E may be one of the safest methods for the removal of your Skin tags.  Vitamin E actually has this natural healing effect on the skin. When it is used for the removal of the tag from your skin, it tends to get rid of any form of scar along with the tag and you can be sure of having real fresh skin.

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