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Skin tags can come up on anyone; irrespective of the race or sex of the person. It can also be found on different parts of the body. Many individuals are having it all over today. The skin tags can also be stubborn at times to the extent that it can affect animals. Generally, skin tags is benign, this means it does not ordinarily lead to cancer.

Though skin tags does not lead to cancer, it has a way of disfiguring ones appearance. If the skin tags also gets bruised on some parts of the body, it can get infected and the infected skin tags can lead to several other complications. It is therefore better to get rid of the skin tags as soon as possible.

There are times that the skin tags tends to grow in size. This does not happen often but once you start noticing that your skin tags begins to get enlarged; you need to keep closer look on it. An enlarged skin tags has the capability of becoming carcinogenic. This does not occur in all cases of enlarged skin tag. But it had been noticed in some few cases.

Once you notice any of the enlarged skin tags on any part of your body, it will be in your best interest to pay a visit to the hospital.  Trying to deal with an enlarged skin tags on your own is not the best of decisions at all. At the hospital, some tests will be performed on the enlarged skin tags to identify the possibility of the skin tags leading to cancer. After the biopsy of the sample of the skin tag, the doctor will be able to tell you if the skin tags can possibly lead to cancer.

In case there is any possibility of your enlarged skin tags leading to cancer, it will be in your best interest to get it removed on time. Using home remedies to remove an enlarged skin tags is not advisable at all. You will do well to submit yourself to the treatment given by the real expert, who will get the thing removed without any problem whatsoever.


Once you notice skin tags on you, you should not even wait to find out if it can lead to cancer or not. It is better to get the thing removed immediately. While the skin tags is still small in size, you can still get it removed using home remedies.

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What are skin tags from? What are the main reasons of skin tags? Acrochordon or soft fibroma is the other names of skin tags. These tags look like small part skin hanging over the normal skin. The appearance of these tags can be possible at any part of the body but usually appear at places where skin rubs against the other skin. The parts where skin tags may appear include eyelids, upper chest, neck and for women under the breast.

What are skin tags from? Skin tags are actually tumors which are usually non-cancerous and their presence doesn’t cause any symptoms of cancerous tumors. When high pressure is applied these skin tags may burst. Usually they are composed of small fibers, ducts, different nerve and fat cells and also a covering.  There are many people around the world who are affected by skin tags due to unknown reasons.

Knowing what are skin tags from?

It appears more often on the skin of the person having diabetes or pregnant women may be prone to it. According to the dermatologist both males and females are affected equally by skin tags. Skin tags have no pain in them, for this reason, there are also some people who even do not know about the presence of skin tags on their body for many years until they rubbed their skin with the tags or the tags fall off the skin but in most of the cases they don’t fall off.

There are many causes of skin tags. It usually appears after the age of forty years or after the mild life. What are skin tags from? According to scientific reasons, skin tags are caused by collection of collagen and the vessels of blood which sticks with the upper layer of the skin and results in skin tags. Is there any risk factor of serious disease involved in skin tags? What are skin tags from? Skin tags are dangerous for those with diabetes and it is most common in people who are overweight, pregnant women and in the persons who are affected by human papilloma virus.

What are skin tags from? According to National institute of Health USA there are about 46% of people who have skin tags on their skin. Also skin tags cause no problems for the person except that after the removal of skin tags the spots remain there on the skin which can also be removed using creams. The color of the spot after the appearance of a skin tag is usually black or red in color and should be removed because it makes the skin look ugly.

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Perianal skin tags occur at the entrance of the anus. They are flaps or skin extensions and they are common in both children and adults. The good thing with these skin tags is that they do not indicate the presence of any illness. Since they are located in a very sensitive part of the body, they can actually be confused with other infections which occur around the Perianal. Such complications may include Perianal warts or haemorrhoids which still need treatment. It is worth to note that Perianal skin tags are not cancerous and cannot turn cancerous however long they affect you. Research indicates that the major causes of these skin growths are trauma, injury or inflammation.

There are several steps involved in the treatment of Perianal skin tags. Bear in mind that these skin growths occur in private and sensitive part of the body and thus they need a physician. Before visiting the physician, try to identify how troublesome these skin tags are to you. If at all it is something you have stayed with for years and have never posed any trouble to you, it is advisable to leave them alone and continue with your pain free life. Suppose you encounter frequent itching and pain due to these Perianal skin tags, then you can comfortably proceed with the necessary treatment.

You can proceed and see a physician for Perianal skin tags treatment. Note that Perianal region is very sensitive and many people fear to see it. The only person who can have a look at it is only an expert in skin tag treatment. The physician will actually evaluate the skin tag carefully to ensure that it is a real one not any other skin growth. A thorough examination around the anus will be performed by the physician in order to make sure that it is the real Perianal skin tags causing trouble to you. After the physician locates the skin tags, he will request you to suggest the method of treatment you want. This is because there are several ways of doing away with these skin tags.

The different modes of treating Perianal skin tags include; taking them off using a scalpel, chemical removal, using freezing agent and many more. After all is done and get Perianal skin tags eliminated from your body, try to take care of the wound left. This is because the process may have caused pain to the underneath tissue. Try to apply antibiotic to the wound and avoid scratching.

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Scientifically referred to as acrochordons, skin tags are small growths that occur on different parts of the body. They are considered non cancerous and may be as small as 1mm or as large as 1.30cm in size. Skin tags on the eyes are common and this is may be as a result of the skin crease above the eye lid rubbing against each other or due to an eye irritation resulting to constant rubbing of the eye. The face is the focal point of every individual and as such, skin tags around the eyes may make one quite uncomfortable due to their presence. Furthermore, skin tags on eyes can be regarded a ghastly sight by some people and as such, there are various treatment methods that can be used to help eliminate skin tags on the eyes without causing harm.

Some of the skin tag treatments are home induced. However, it is important to note that skin tags on the eyes is a sensitive area and as such, it is advisable to seek medical advice before carrying out any treatment method. Based on where the skin tags are located on the eye, different care methods may be necessary. One of the commonly practiced home skin tags treatments is clipping the skin tag off. Again, based on the location of the skin tag, if it is not close to the eye, you can use a string to tie the base of the skin tag and a pair of sterilized nail clippers to cut off the skin tag. Be sure to thoroughly clean and medicate the area after getting rid of the skin tag.

Another plausible home skin tags remedy suitable for around the eyes is use of castor oil and baking soda. Mix the ingredients and apply the concoction on the skin tag. This is an especially good treatment as it reduces chances of further damage to the eye. Within a couple of weeks, the skin tag should dry off and disappear. Over the counter skin tag removal creams can also be administered to help get rid of the infection.

Skin tags treatments carried out by an eye specialist, are probably the safest way to go. Some of the remedies that may be carried out include freezing which is done using liquid nitrogen, whereby the skin tag is frozen and it eventually falls off. This method is safe and simple but it is important that a medical practitioner carry it out. Surgery is another procedure that may be carried out and in some skin tags & eyes cases, the growth may be too large that it may call for removal through this process.

Depending on your skin tags & eyes condition, consult a doctor to find out what cure is best suited to your case.


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