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Are you sexually active? Then it is very possible for you to have a skin tag on your genitals. The skin condition comes up more on those areas that go through friction; the genitals undergo friction during sexual intercourse. Sexual activity does increase tension on the penal shaft and this is why this area is prone to having this skin condition. Nevertheless, appearance of this skin condition on the penal shaft does not lead to any health complication. Because of this, you can decide to leave it as it is. But at times, the clothing you put on can brush over the skin tag and this can lead to formation of bruises on the tag. During sexual activity, the bruise can also occur on the shaft. The bruise can end up causing other complications. You should therefore get rid of skin tag as soon as possible to avoid such complications.

Tie it up

Skin tag can be removed by simply tying the thing up on your genitals. What you need to do is to simply tie a thread around the base of the skin tag.  When you tie the thread, the blood supply to the tag will be cut off. The tag actually lives on the nutrient supplied to it by the blood. The absence of the blood will therefore reduce nutrient supply to the tag and this will lead to the death of the skin tag.  This will make the skin tag drop off from your genital on its own without causing you any unwarranted pain.

Check with your doctor

It is also possible to get rid of skin tag at the hospital. Some simple surgical procedures have been developed to make this possible a possibility.  All you need to do is to present yourself at the hospital and the medical personnel will determine the best medical treatment to make use of to get rid of your tag. The area in which the skin tag is located can go a long way in determining the kind of surgical intervention to be implemented.


Before the surgical procedure is performed on you, your doctor will want to use some anesthetic agents to deaden your genitals to the pain.  The size also determines the type of anesthesia to be used and how it is to be used for the complete removal of the skin tag from your skin. You can be sure that the tag does not require after it had been removed.


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Skin tags and warts are two tumors that appear on the skin. Warts are very small sized tumors that can be found in the human body and they are non-cancerous tumors, while Skin tags are the small pieces of skin found over the skin of the body and it looks like it is hanging with the skin. There are 100 different types of warts that can appear on the skin of a single person. There is no pain associated with them but they can be bothersome for most people.

The appearance of warts is like the white clusters which are matched with the cauliflower or sometimes with red bumps. Their shape can be like flat circular bumps which usually appear on the back of the neck of the person affected. The number of warts that appear on the body is different for different people and their size also varies and they can appear anywhere on the body. While the shape of Skin tags also varies in size and color they are usually red or black in color. It is called Acrochordon according to scientific nomenclature.

Their appearance usually occurs on eyelids or neck but warts can appear anywhere on the body. Warts appear on the skin of people whose age is above young age, probably 40 years or above, but Skin tags appear mostly in people of middle ages. The visual differences can be seen between warts and Skin tags. But one thing that is common in both of them is that the two are harmless. The virus that is the main cause of warts is HPV while Skin tags may appear because of obesity or pregnancy. But there is no scientific reason for the appearance of Skin tags.

The shape of the Skin tags is usually irregular while the shape of warts is usually cylindrical and the texture of them is also different from Skin tags. There is also a major difference between the two, which is color, the color of warts is usually pink and Skin tags are skin-colored tumors or they have dark shaded skin color. The treatment of the Skin tags and warts is usually done in the same way using natural oils as well as using cosmetics or by surgical way with the help of laser surgery. But both of them make the appearance of the person look ugly and that’s why most of them want to remove them from their skin.

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Skin tags can be considered as one of today’s most common skin conditions. They are bits of projecting tissues from a tiny and narrow stalk called peduncle. The projected tissues from the surrounding skin are characterized by their colors that resemble that of the flesh or the skin. Medically speaking, skin tags are known as acrochordon, while others term it as skin tabs or barnacles.

There are certain locations on the body where skin tags usually appear including the neck, armpit, eyelid, groin fold, and underneath the breast. The appearance of one skin tag as compared to another may be different, but most of the time tags are irregular, smooth and wrinkled tissues that hang from the skin. Early skin tag are usually small ones with an identifiable flatness. The beginning tags are like a pinhead growing to as large as a grain of rice. Most of the time, they are 2 to 5 millimeters in diameter, but there are common instances in which skin tags grow up to 1 centimeter. The worst scenario here is the growth of skin tag sizing at 5 centimeters in diameter.

The color of the tags may range from pink to red and flesh to brown mostly dependent on the skin tone of the affected individual. However, there are cases in which the skin tags suddenly turn to being purple or black. If the skin tag changed its color to purple or black, then it is essentially a clotted skin tag. This is also called thrombosed skin tags. As a matter of fact, there is no pain entailed on having thrombosed skin tags. But then again, due to its cosmetic appearance, people who have thrombosed skin tags complain about these growths. Purple and black skin tags contribute to the unpleasantness of the growths. Most of the time, this kind of skin tag naturally fall off within 3 to 10 days. Since thrombosed skin tags naturally fall off, there is no more need for any kind of treatment.

It has to be noted that skin tags that show change of color as well as skin tags that have persistent bleeding must be consulted to a doctor. Having these skin tags evaluated by a doctor will help you be assured that these are not more than simple skin tags. Skin tag removal is one good option that you can go for especially when recommended by your doctor.

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Causes And Treatments Of Skin Tags

Have you ever seen someone with skin growths, the type that makes you stare? Before you know it you are taking precaution by moving away lest it is contagious. Relax, and take a deep breath, skin tags are not contagious.  In fact most people who contract them gets them because of obesity, through it being hereditary and because they may be diabetic.

Several studies that have been conducted over the years have concluded that the main cause of skin tags in obesity. Why? When the skin rubs together on itself causing friction, the growths appear. They more often than not, appear in areas of the body where the flesh folds, like under the arms, neck, genitals and the groin. Some women get them under their breasts. They also appear on the eyelids. It is still not ascertained as to the scientific reasons behind contracting this. Research seems inconclusive.

Skin tags are professionally diagnosed, and are based heavily on the appearance of the growth. If there are abnormalities that raise your suspicion, seek the attention of a medical physician, who will perform a biopsy and send it to the lab for testing. Although not cancerous, it is prudent to be certain so that the necessary precautions can be taken before it is too late.

As many as 50-100 skin tags can be found on the human body when affected. They are dark in color and are relatively painless. They are not known to benign and maybe this is the reason why there isn’t any rush to obtain more information on the real causes. Skin tags protrude from the skin and sometimes have a short, narrow stalk connecting it to the skin. Adults over the age of 40 are also likely candidates.

Treatment for skin tags is not typically necessary unless they are aggravated, or if the affected person finds it uncomfortable, and as a result, would want them removed.  These growths do not cause any pain, except if it is irritated by the material you are wearing. If at all they itch, from irritants such as shaving creams, do not scratch them as this may result in hemorrhaging. It is imperative that, you visit your doctor so that they can have them removed. They can be removed by surgery, freezing, or by searing the growth. Skin tags may also fall off by themselves if twisting occurs due to normal day to day activity.

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