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Skin tags can come up on any part of the body. It can occur also at any age. Those who are older stand greater chance of having the skin condition anyways. It has a rather strange appearance on the skin; it looks like a hanging grain of rice. The skin condition is supplied with blood and nutrients from the general body circulation. If skin tags is allowed to remain for too long on the body, it can get bruised by clothing. This will open the skin tags to infection; especially if it is growing on very dirty part of the body like the genitals, anus and feet.  Infected skin tags can lead to lots of complication. The infection can even go systemic if care is not taken. The cost of treating infected skin tags is in no way comparable with the little amount you would have spent if the skin condition had not been contaminated. It is therefore in your best interest to get rid of skin tags before it gets bruised or infected.

There are some herbal products that can help you to get rid of the skin tag. This seems to be one of the best ways to treat your skin tag. Using herbal products to deal with skin tags will not lead to any unbecoming side effect at the end of the day. This write up will open your eyes to how to get this done.

Herbal topical products

There are some specially made topical products that are completely herbal in nature and you can simply apply them on the skin condition to get rid of it. These topical products are specially made for the removal of skin tags and they can get rid of the thing in a matter of weeks. You however need to carry out consistent application of the topical creams to successfully get rid of the skin condition.

Different topical creams are available out there. Each of them contains various herbal products. The herbal contents have a way of preventing blood flow into the skin tag. The skin tags depends on the nutrient supplied by the body for its ‘livelihood’. Once the blood and nutrient supply is frozen, the skin tags will ‘starve’ to death.


It is very cheap to come by the topical creams. You can simply walk into any of the drug stores around to get yours. You can also apply the without any medical help.

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Skin tags are a skin condition that is very common. It is observed in both males and females and neither of the sexes is more prone to it. Skin tags are characterized by soft hanging skin. However, in some cases this skin can be flat and be at the same level with the rest of the skin.


Most people wonder what the causes of skin tags are. These are caused by several factors. Skin tags can be inherited and also caused by obesity. They can be passed from one person to the next and also caused by pregnancy hormones. Skin tags affect many parts of the body where the parts are subjected to friction either by cloths or surrounding. You can have skin tags at the fold of the groin, the eyelids, and the upper chest and under the breasts.


There are several forms of skin tags. Some are hanging while some are flat; some skin tags are wrinkled while others have tight skin. In terms of color, there are skin tags that are flesh colored while others are darker than the skin. Skin tags growing is a usual occurrence but not that usual.


Skin tags are usually very small sized but you can have skin tags growing up to the size of grapes. In a very rare case is where you will find skin tags growing to the size of grapes. When we talk about skin tags growing, we not only mean skin tags growing in size but also in numbers. There are patients who have had skin tags growing in large numbers and forming clusters.


Skin tags growing can cause a lot of concern to the affected person. This is so as it becomes very unsightly and irritating. Skin tags growing can be prevented by taking medication. Skin tags growing back again will be effectively avoided by a tie and clip method. You will have to tightly tie a thread at the base of the tag. This gets rid of blood supply to the skin tag and makes it numb. You then take a sterilized pair of scissors and cut of the skin tag. This will be an open wound and therefore you need to keep it sterilized and clean with an antibacterial ointment and if you do not have one, peroxide can do the trick.


In conclusion, you need to speak with your dermatologist before using any skin tag removal method.

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Skin Tag Under Arm

Skin conditions are many and affect us as human beings. Each human being has a story about suffering from a skin condition. Skin tags are one of the many common skin conditions. A skin tag is soft hanging skin on certain parts of the body that is painless or harmful. This skin condition can be observed in areas of the skin subjected to friction from other skin or cloths like the underarms, the folds of the groin, the neck, the upper chest, and the eyelids and under the breasts.


Skin tags are caused by many things. First, this skin condition is acquired meaning that it can be contacted from an infected person. If someone in your lineage had or has skin tags, then you are likely to have them too as it is inherited. This skin condition can also be caused by obesity or pregnancy hormones.


As earlier stated, skin tags can be found under the arms. Skin tag under arm can be very annoying for someone who likes wearing sleeveless shirts or tops. This is so as the person might feel very uncomfortable if people get to see the tags and wonder what they really are especially if they are clustered.


Skin tag under arm can be gotten rid off in several ways. The under arm is not so sensitive hence there will be no excruciating pain. You can tie the skin tag under arm and snip it off by the user of a pair of scissors. For this process, you need a thread and a pair of scissors. The thread is used to tightly tie the skin tag under arm and stop the flow of blood into it. This will make it numb and when you snip the tag off, you will not have any pain. Since a wound will be left, you need to keep it clean. Peroxide will enable you do that.


Another way of dealing with skin tag under arm is by freezing it in a process known as cryotherapy. This involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the growths. This process is done by a dermatologist.


Skin tag under arm can also be removed by electrocautery. With this method, electric charge of low voltage is directed to the tip of a needle and this is used to bun the skin tag under arm.


Lastly, skin tag under arm can be removed at home using over-the-counter medications. Before you settle on any way of removing skin tag under arm, please discuss it with a doctor.


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Someone with a skin tag (also known by the scientist and doctors as Acrochordon) will at one point have to look for a means of getting rid of the skin tag. The general reason for having the tags removed is not just for beauty reasons. It is about getting rid of irritating and unwanted excess skin. Skin tags are benign growths that pose no harm to the skin unless they are extremely large. They are also not painful but can have a painful experience in the quest to have them gone. Good and approved skin tag removers are not difficult to find, many are for sale over the counter or on the internet. The size of the skin tag one has does not in any way determine which skin tag removers should or should not be used.

This is because most skin tag removal methods are known to work on any size of skin tag. The issue with choice really rests on the level of tolerance to pain one has. This is because some of the options will be painless to use on small tags but will lead to pain when dealing with large skin tags.  Removal of skin tags will not denote that one has to settle for products manufactured in the science labs. There are several known skin tag remover procedures that work aside for the use of manufactured product.

With manufactured products skin tag removal is a straight forward affair. The labels come with instructions on how to use the product. Although they do work, they can be expensive when compared to the other alternatives. This alternative is that of home remedies. The use of certain readily available natural products will not only rid one of skin tags but give the skin nutrients too. Onions, tree tea oil, apple cider vinegar and other food and plant products you already have in your kitched cupboards will still give amazing results as natural skin tag removers.

The more advanced skin tags removers known to work will need the professional know how of a dermatologist. The use of lasers, and liquid nitrogen are all fast ways of dealing with skin tags. They are termed as surgical measures of skin tag removal and as such should be left to the doctors’ hands in getting the job done. Whichever skin tag remover one settles for the end results of using the product should be efficient and with no side effects. If there are issues that arise in the use of the skin tag removers then a consultation with a skin doctor is advised.

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When one has skin tags and is seeking to get it removed from the skin, a visit to the dermatologist is very well advised. This nevertheless, will not be a reason to settle for the expensive medical procedures that will come with the visitations to the doctor. One can still have a proper check-up and healing process while using the more conventional route in skin tag removal. The use of home remedies is an ancient practice that has seen many a disease cured. In fact it is through these remedies that modern medicine stand to offer products that address disease in a faster though not always safe way.

Home remedies for skin tag removal are both easier to acquire and prepare as there are easy to used and safe.  The products need as ingredients to making the remedies are all natural and most of all they usually out of common food stuffs. This is the reason why using this method to deal with skin tags is so cheap and gain ground in the modern society in treatment of many other ailments too. Simple guideline in preparation and use without fear of overdose case are strong attributes of home remedies.

A skin tag removal home remedy will have the skin free from the growths and still add nutritional value to the skin. Some of the natural elements used as home remedies include;

Baking soda and castor oil –           this is a good mixture that can be applied at least three times a day. In a period of weeks the skin tags will start fall off.

Tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar –        this is one of the oldest remedies in use to date. It has immense nutritional and medical value. In skin tag removal it is applied directly to the skin.

Sour fruit juices –                        they are attributed to work because of their acidity. Fruit like lemons oranges and some apples will give this kind of juice. Applying dashes of the juice and let it dry up on the skin gives the skin a great deal of replenishing elements and get rid of skin tags. The acidity will also help in the skin’s detoxification abilities.

There are other home remedies known to work in skin tag removal. The mentioned few are the most commonly sort after remedies. To know more about home remedies one can go online and there a vast knowledge awaits. It is important to note that as much as the home remedies are safe, a diagnosis of the healing process by a dermatologist is very important too.

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