What To Do About Skin Tags

Skin tags are a type of skin condition characterized by hanging skin on some body parts. The hanging skin is usually soft and benign and has nerve endings, fibers and ducts and fats too. Blood vessels are also in these outgrowths. Since the outgrowths are benign, they pose no risk to the human health. These mostly appear on places where skin rubs on skin like under the breast and in armpits.


Most of the people who ask themselves what to do about skin tags, do so for cosmetic reasons. By the time someone sits and thinks about their skin tags, they should put in mind that they are painless and pose no risk. For this reason, I will deal with what to do about skin tags and these are the remedies.


Vitamin E answers your question. Vitamin E can be put on a band aid applied on the skin. When the band aid loosens up, you can remove it to see if the tag has begun to fall off. If that is not the case, please repeat the procedure.


Another thing that would help you figure out what to do about skin tags is tying a string at the base of the tag tightly and leaving it there for a few days so that there will be no blood supply to the tag. Without blood supply, the skin tag will die and fall off due to lack of nutrient supply hence getting rid of it.


Apple cider vinegar also help with the removal of skin tags. All you have to do is to apply this solution on the tags and let it dry there. Do this twice a day and in two weeks you will begin seeing good results


Dermisil is an herbal tropical treatment that is also used to treat skin tags. This extract simply works by attacking only the tissues of the skin tags and not the healthy skin around.


Using nail polish can also help getting rid of skin tags. Completely cover the tags with polish at least twice a day and let it dry. When the polish dries, the tag will shrink and after sometime it will fall off.


In conclusion, in your quest to discover what to do about skin tags, you will realize that most of these remedies take time to work therefore you require patience.

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