What Is A Skin Tag?

What Are Skin Tags?

If you have noticed a piece of skin hanging on any part of your body, it is probably a skin tag. One of the most common questions that people ask is what is a skin tag? This is a benign growth that appears in various parts of the body in some individuals. Some people have more than a 50 skin tags on their body. It is usually caused by an increase in weight and it is more common in men compared to women.


For women who are wondering what skin tags are, and whether they are prone to this growth, the answer is yes especially if you have a full bust. The tags usually appear under the breasts. They can appear in various parts but they are usually found in areas of the body that rub against each other including the groin, upper chest, neck, eyelids and armpits.


It is not cancerous therefore you do not have to worry if you are wondering about your skin tags. In most cases, you will not develop any symptoms if you have one or several. You should be very careful when shaving your armpits or groin because you can tear the skin and cause an infection. Another important thing to know if you are asking about skin tags, is that if it is too big, it can burst when pressure is applied.


Another concern for people who want to know more about skin tags, is whether it is possible to remove them. They do not pose any harm but some people are concerned about the effect that they have on the skin’s appearance. There are various options to remove the growths but you should be prepared to pay for the treatment from your savings because insurance will not cover it. To get suitable treatment options for the growth, you can consult your doctor to get more details on your skin tag. The doctor will examine you and determine whether it is necessary for you to get treatment because some of the growths actually fall off.


Once you know more about skin tags and the best treatment options, you can choose to use home remedies or visit a doctor to remove them. When most people ask what is a skin tag, their main concern is if have cancer. If this is a concern for you, it is better to see your doctor and rule cancer out.

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