What Do Skin Tags Look Like?

Skin tags are one of the commonest kinds of skin conditions around. There is no one that can’t come down with it. It had been noticed however that one stands a greater chance of having it as one grows old. Some younger individuals too can have it. In case you are pregnant, it is possible for you to also end up with this skin condition. Since skin tag can come up on just anyone, it is a good idea to seek to understand how the skin condition looks like so as to know how to get rid of it when it comes up on the skin. Through this simple write up, you will clearly understand how skin tags look like.

How they appear

Skin tags appear like lumps on your skin. The lumps hang down by a stalk. Both the lump and the stalk by which they attach to the skin are very small. They are actually not more than about 0.5cm in diameter. This seemingly small size is however very clearly seen by anyone near you.

The lumps of the skin tags are very soft to the touch. They look like an exact extension of the skin. This is because they receive nutrient and blood from the body exactly the same way that every part of the skin does. The color of the skin tag does not differ in any way to the color of the skin of the affected person.  The skin tags are not cancerous in anyway. They are as ordinary as the word goes. You may therefore not bother about getting them removed.

Skin tag can also grow on practically any part of the body. It had been known however to grow on moist and hot areas of the body. Any moist part of the body too can come up with skin tags. In case an area of the body is consistently rubbed, that area too can develop skin tag.  The areas most affected are the genitals, the folds of the neck, the eyelid, the torso and even the breast.


Skin tag is not painful in the least. Things can however get out of hand if they get bruised or rubbed. They can get infected this way and the infection can be somewhat problematic if care is not taken.  There are several easy methods that can be utilized in removing skin tags when they appear on  your skin.

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