Skin Tag On The Eyelid

Do you need to bother about removing skin tag? Well, it depends on you and how you view things. It may also depend on where the skin tag is growing. There are times that skin tag can appear on secluded parts of the body. At times like this, one may never bother to get it removed.  But clothing material can brush on these skin tags and get them infected. One may then be forced to get rid of the skin tag.  When the skin tag grows on open part of the body too, the thought of everyone seeing it on you can make you want to get rid of it.

Have you ever thought of the possibility of the skin tag growing on your eyelid? In case you have never thought this to be possible, you are going to learn otherwise in this write up. This simple write up will also teach you how to get rid of this form of skin tag without any problem.

The form of skin tag that appears on the eyelid is just like every other forms of skin tag that can appear on just any part of the body. It is soft to the touch and it tends to have exactly the same color as that of your skin. It is considerably small in size; but not too small for people around you to notice. It tends to hang on the eyelid by a stalk.

How to remove it safely

Tying a string around this form of skin tag may not be safe; considering the fact that the eye is very nearby. Instead of tying a string to the skin tag, you can apply liquid nitrogen to it. You only need to close the eye and apply the liquid nitrogen for as many times as possible. After evaporation, the material will evaporate and you can open your eyes again. This will not affect the healing process of the skin tag. Consistent application will ensure quick removal of the skin tag.


Cryotherapy is another method that can be easily used for the removal of skin tag on the eyelid. This method is better carried out in the hospital. It also has a very strong effect on the skin tag and it will be removed within a rather short period of time. This method can also be used in place of liquid nitrogen. In actual fact, the two of them tend to have exactly the same kind of effect.

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