Top Cures For Skin Tags

Skin tags make a good number of people very conscious about themselves because they are ugly and irritating. Normally, one would call them nothing more than a troublesome eyesore. However, in most cases they can turn out to be irritated and sore. Removing them is not very essential at times although removing skin tags is quite a trouble free process that can be done at home.

Consistent rubbing of the skin is the main cause of skin tags. It is significant for a person to know that these are not in any way infectious. Underarm areas and the neck are some of the regular areas where you will discover them. As for women the bra area is a common place to find them. Although they are painful, there is no need for immediate treatment and there are no chances of getting affected with cancer. When the pain worsens you may want to get rid of them or have a physician remove them.

They are very common with the middle aged people but this does not mean any other age group cannot be affected. In fact, they even become more common when approaching the age of 60. Skin tags may also increase by the fact that one is overweight. It’s quite unusual to find such in young children, though one should not rule it out.

The cost of the doctor having them removed may get a bit expensive particularly if insurance is not covered, which in most times is the case since it is a cosmetic situation. In the physicians’ office the skin tag will be frozen since it is a common practice and this will also include having the area made insensitive by a painkiller. When the freezing is done a blade is then used to engrave the tag off. It can be the most difficult part of the procedure if one is uncomfortable with needles.

An electric cautery can as well be used by the physician to remove the tag. Temporary discoloration at the removal site is the most common side effect of this electric cautery and freezing methods. The capacity to fall during the procedure occasionally fails.

Also available are home remedy options that form the best cures for skin tags. Cutting the skin tag with scissors is one the options that can be used. A little bleeding possibly will be caused at the site of removal; this is very helpful and less costly. One should make sure they make an effort to sterilize the scissors in case they choose to take on this type of procedure.

Tying off the skin tag with a piece of dental floss or thread can be another removal option. It will die off and fall away usually after a good number of days. This is a simple home remedy for elimination of the painful piece of skin as well as cost effective.

The above methods have proved effective for those who have tried them diligently. The top cures for skin tags can be costly depending on what remedy you decide to use.

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