Surgical Removal of Skin Tags

There are several methods of removing skin tags that one could choose from. They all depend on the size and the position of the skin tags as well as the pain an individual is willing to endure.
For example, among the most painless methods is tightly tying a string at the base of the tag and waiting for it to disintegrate after two or so days. However, this is not such an effective method as it will leave part of the stalk still embedded on the skin.

Skin tags are outgrowths on the skin that are due to the trapping of collagen and blood vessels against thin bits of skin. They appear as red or dark protrusions with a stalk and a thicker tip, something that makes them very visible and unpleasant to most people. That is why removing them as effective as possible is always a priority among the people who have them.

When an individual notices that he or she has a growth on any part on the skin, it is highly advisable that he or she seeks immediate medical help by consulting a dermatologist. Skin tags are generally not cancerous, so there is no need for alarm as the only problem would lie in trying to get rid of it.

Apart from freezing the tag to destroy its tissue cells, another alternative would be surgical removal of skin tags. This is a method that is very popular due to the fact that they are one the most effective in terms of completely removing them as well as leaving a small scar.

One does not necessarily need a professional to carry out the surgery. Some types of surgery on skin tags can be easily done at home, but one has to be very careful in their execution. One can, for example, use a blade, knife of a pair of scissors to cut them off. It is a painful process, yes, and that is why one is advised to ensure that the area to cut is numb immediately before starting the procedure.

Electrolysis is another surgical method but this is carried out by professionals only. It entails the use needles that pass an electric current into the tag to completely destroy its cells, leaving very small, hardly noticeable scars.

Surgery is therefore a method that one should seriously consider if he or she is looking to completely and effectively get rid of skin tags.

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