Skin Tags

Skin tags, which are most common with women who were recently pregnant, are basically pieces of loose, hanging skin and these pieces can be found in various places on their bodies.  Skin tags are described to look much like a mole might, but they are larger and they are swinging loose from the skin rather than attached to the skin like a mole.  Skin tags are known to sag more and even droop in comparison to the mole as well.  Near or around the neck, eyelid, armpits and even the genitalia, skin tags can sometimes occur.  Surrounding skin may be slightly darker than the normal skin pigment .

Skin tags start with a wrinkly bit of skin that will begin to flatten to the rest of the skin and will then grow in such a manner that it will droop or hang from the surface of the skin.  Skin tags are relatively new to the world of skin conditions and it seems that more and more people are dealing with these pieces of dangling skin.  Skin tags are a product of extra hormone production, which is why pregnant women or recently pregnant women most commonly deal with this skin condition.  Skin tags are also likely to occur with certain people in their mid or later adulthood and children and some teenagers have also been known to be afflicted with this skin condition.  The majority of people who find a skin tag located on some location of their body for the first time may be momentarily confused and that feeling is often followed by the feelings of anxiousness – especially when a person is frightful that it is a harmful growth – and also the feelings of dissatisfaction with the look of the hanging skin.  Therefore, virtually all people who find these pieces of skin hanging from their bodies are instantly interested in how to get rid of it and if it can be gotten rid of safely in the first place.

The good news for people who are momentarily worried about these skin growths is that the statistics show that the great majority of healthy individuals who discover these growths will not have to worry about the removal of this growth because it is cancerous.  Most times, healthy people will not find that they have cancerous skin tags and any skin tags they may be dealing with can be removed for the cosmetic benefit without the worry of removing it due to cancer.  Healthy people and those who may not be considered to be in top physical condition will likely not have to worry about the cancer factor and may not even need to seek the help of a doctor for removal if they have the patience to wait for the skin tag to fall off on its own.  While not every skin tag will fall off on its own, most will.

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