Skin Tags: What Are They?

Skin tags are medically termed as acrochordon (plural acrochorda). A skin tag is a form of small growth that appears on the skin commonly where there are creases. Also known as fibro epithelial polyp or cutaneous skin tag, this is a benign condition which means it is not a severe condition with no apparent pain and growth involved. The parts of the skin where skin tag is commonly seen are the armpit, groin, and neck. The eyelids can also be affected by this type of formation.

Skin tags are not all the same size; some are as small as a grain of rice, while others are as large as a grape. Skin tags have an unwrinkled and irregular texture. There is usually a kind of stalk called peduncle where the skin tag is attached. If the very composition of the skin tag is to be considered, it has to be known that there is a fibro-vascular core in every skin tag which normally comes along with fat cells. It can be distinguished under the microscope that the epidermis makes up the covering of the fibro-vascular core. It has to be taken into consideration that there is always a possibility for skin tags to burst under pressure especially when they get irritate due to clothing, jewelry, and even shaving.

Those women who are pregnant and individuals who have diabetes are most likely to have skin tags. What is believed to be the cause of the development of skin tags is the rubbing up of skin against skin. Folded and creased sites of the body are most likely to have skin tags.

There are several skin tag removal techniques that are widely used these days. The most popular methods utilized are cryosurgery, surgical ligation, excision, and cauterization. There are cases when tags can be easily scratched away despite of minimal bleeding. There are also solutions that can be purchased over the counter. For just a week or two, skin tags fall off the skin due to the freezing used by this kind of solution.

Remember that knowing the significant matters about skin tags is an ideal step to take. Do not forget about consulting a dermatologist to be enlightened about the different methods.

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