Skin Tags Removal – Freezing

Skin tags are a harmless skin disorder or growth that appears on the skin and benign in nature. They grow in size over the period in which they are on the skin. If one opts to leave them alone they pose no health risk. If one will resolve to have them removed the reason is often on a cosmetic basis and the other is if the skin tags have become uncomfortable to have. Skin tags become uncomfortable to handle when they grow in size and are being rubbed frequently by either clothes or the skin. This is when removal methods like freezing of the growths come into use.

By fact, the use liquid nitrogen to freeze a skin tag is said to be a safe procedure that takes very little time to accomplish. This procedure is said to be safely done under the hands and expertise of a qualified dermatologist. Liquid nitrogen once applied on the tags will freeze off the growth instantly and when this is done the skin tag will fall off in a week’s time or thereabout. Once the tags have been removed, the skin is left with very little or no evidence of any growths or scar.

Liquid nitrogen is a product that should not be taken to be a simple chemical. Its use should be under strict instructions. There are several over the counter products that are said to be effective skin tag removers using the principles of freezing. However, these products are yet to be fully appreciated as effective medical solutions to use for skin tag removal. Moreover, since the use of liquid nitrogen is also not that a simple procedure to do, it is best if the use of the freezing techniques in skin tag removal should be left to the doctors.

This procedure can be used to remove skin tags that are on any part of the skin. The eyelids, the armpits, neck, anal and groin areas. The need to use freezing as the favorable choice of skin tag removal is to have a smooth skin texture after the growths are removed. This is why it is even advised by the dermatologist when they are removing skin tags in areas of the body like the anus and the genitals. The other reason is to have a painless experience in the removal of the skin tags. This procedure may be slightly more expensive than other removal measures if your medical insurance does not cover it.

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