Skin Tags Home Remedies

Skin tags can be described as skin growths that hang from the skin. Though they have no adverse effect on the health of the individual but can be very unsightly. Most people get skin tags as they age and it is believed that almost half of the world population have some skin tags. Skin tags may fall off naturally but some may grow in places where you wouldn’t want them to and such areas include; nose, ears, neck and ear lobes. There are no known medications for skin tags treatment but there are some physical and mechanical procedures that can be used to remove them.

Some of the best possible physical ways of removing skin tags at home include; excision with scissors, Ligation, nail polish removal method, and herbal/kitchen mix.  Excision with scissors is the common mechanical method of removing skin tags. A sharp surgical pair which has been sterilized in alcohol or hot water can be used by a dermatologist or an experience nurse to cut the tags. You can do it yourself by cutting the thin stalk closer to the tags so that you will not wound the skin. You need to prepare the tags with cotton swab and then apply antibiotic ointment after cutting the tags, and then press some ice cubes to numb the hurtful sensations.

Ligation is one way of cutting blood supply to the skin tag. This will make the skin tags die naturally and fall off after sometime. A discolored and shrivelled skin tag is often noticed and the falling off of the tags usually take between 7-10 days. If you have several skin tags, you need to perform this operation on the tags one after the other.

Nail polish can also help dry out skin tags. Though the effectiveness of nail polish will differ from one individual to the other, such polish can help someone scrub off the skin tags easily after application. You need to apply a coat of the polish for a couple of days and see if it has worked for you.

Herbal and kitchen home remedies for skin tags include a mixture of baking soda and castor oil which is blended into a thick paste and applied on the skin tags. The paste can block off the supply of air into the skin tags and that will make them die off. You may also use woodland herb bloodroot which is known to be a very powerful herbal chemical that is capable of burning off skin tags. Do not apply this on sensitive areas such as eyes, nose or private parts. Warning **Bloodroot can severely burn the skin** and it should be used with extreme caution.

The Skin Tag Removal Kit does not contain Bloodroot.

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