How To Remove Skin Tags At Home

Skin tags are not dangerous when compared to some other skin problems like moles and warts, as a result of this, they can be easily treated or removed through a number of skin tag home remedies. Skin tags can appear on any part of the body, however some conditions such as diabetes, obesity and pregnancies can also trigger the appearance of skin tags, if you are overweight you may have to cut down your weight before you remove skin tags, otherwise such tags may reappear after a while. Diabetes and pregnancy related skin tags will need to be removed by an experienced physician.

The most common way of removing skin tags at home is the use of the scissors or scalpel. Before you try this skin tag home removal method, you must ensure that the blade is sharp and sterilized with heat, and before applying heat, apply rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. After sterilizing the blades of the scissors you need to cut as quickly as possible and as closely as possible to the skin. You may experience some form of bleeding when you cut skin tags with scissors, but such bleedings should not last more than few minutes.

The use of tweezers is another option for the removal of skin tags at home. This form of removal is quit painful and you will need to numb the area with an ice cube or some cold substance.

Liquid Nitrogen has also become part of a home remedy for skin tags. Liquid Nitrogen is often stored in a place that is out of reach of children because of its high dangerous properties. Liquid Nitrogen can kill skin tissues and when it is applied on skin tags, will kill the tags and the cell tissues are destroyed, making the tags to fall out by themselves. Cryotherapy or the use of liquid Nitrogen can result in some forms of scarring on the skin, hence it may need the supervision of a physician.

Cutting off the blood supply to skin tags is another home removal method for the problem. This system involves the use of a thread or string. You should tie up the skin tags close to the stalk’s attachment to the skin for 1 or 2 days. This will ensure that blood and moisture are prevented from getting to the tags and such tags will die off naturally.

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