Skin Tag Removal Home Treatment

It can be very expensive to get medical treatment for Skin tag.  There are actually several helpful medical interventions that can be applied to this skin condition in the hospitals. But many folks may not be able to afford the heavy hospital bills. You do not need to bother your head about visiting the hospital to get treatment for your tag; you can always get the thing removed at home. You will also find the home remedies to be very useful in getting rid of the Skin tag.  This write up will intimate you on some of the common helpful home remedies for this skin condition

Try vitamin E

On a normal day, vitamin E is a very helpful chemical substance for treating various skin problems. It is even severally added to body creams. This same vitamin E can be very useful in getting rid of the Skin tag from your skin. You can buy the vitamin E over the counter. Apply some of it onto a band aid and wrap the band aid around the tag. It may take some time however before the vitamin E will help to get rid of the Skin tag. But you can be very sure that solution is already insight.

Castor oil too can be helpful

Castor oil can also be bought over the counter. You only need to buy some baking soda along with it. Make a paste of the two of them and apply the paste directly on the Skin tag.  When you do this, you can be very sure that the tag will loosen up with time and you will have your fresh skin back. After applying the paste, allow it to dry and make sure you do not touch the Skin tag until after some hours.

Chop the thing off

In case you belong to the impatient brand of human beings, you may want to get rid of the Skin tag through the shortest method possible. The sight of the tag can even be so irritating to the extent that one may not like the look of it and the desire to get rid of it will be very rife. The quickest possible way to get rid of your Skin tag involves the use of nail cutter or scissors. You only need to hold the nail cutter to the very root of the tag closest to the skin surface and cut it off.

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