Skin Tag Removal Home Remedy

It does not sound like a nice idea to have skin tag on your skin. It can be very unsightly and people may even try to avoid you when they see it. There are times that the skin tag may not be present in places on your skin where people can see it. At times like this, you may not bother about getting it removed; since this skin condition does not have any adverse effect on the skin. There are also some other time when the skin tag can be on places on your skin where the whole world can see it. Because of the stigma that this can have on your personality, you may do well to get it removed.

You don’t always need to rush to the hospital each time you notice this skin condition called skin tag on you. You can always get it removed at home. Do not forget that medical healing methods can be considerably expensive. But with home remedies, you may not even spend a dime to get rid of the skin tag.  This simple write up will enlighten you on how to get your skin free of this skin condition.

Chop it off!

Yes, you can chop off the skin tag.  This can be done with the aid of nail cutter or nail scissors. When you are doing this, make sure that you chop it off right from the root. It is also very essential that you make use of sterilized scissors only. It is therefore not in your best interest to make use of communal nail cutter for this purpose. After you must have finished with the chopping off, you must ensure that you sterilize the equipment you use. In order to reduce the pain you feel while chopping off your skin tag, make sure that you use only new equipment

Tie it up!

You can also get rid of your skin tag simply by tying the thing up. How is this possible? Look for a thread and tie it around the base of the skin condition. When you do this, blood supply to the spot will be cut off. Since the skin condition requires blood and nutrient from your body supply to thrive, it will die when you cut the supply off. Before long, you can be completely free from the skin tag.  If you tie it up this way, it will die with time and leave a smooth skin behind.

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