Skin Tag On Areola

Skin Tag On Areola

Skin tags are a benign type of skin condition that equally affects males and females. There is no sex that is more prone to this skin condition than the other. Skin tags are usually hanging soft skin on several body parts. Causes of skin tags are many. You can get skin tags through contact with an infected person, inherit it, a result of pregnancy due to the hormones or get it due to obesity.


Skin tags affect several parts of the body. They can be found under the armpits, under the breasts, eyelids, buttock folds, and at the groin especially at the folds. If you observe, from this you note that skin tags appear where friction mostly occurs on the skin. This friction is caused by either cloths rubbing on the skin or the skin rubbing on surrounding skin.


Skin tag on areola is not a rare occurrence. Sometimes this is caused by the baby sucking on the nipples so hard. Removing skin tag on areola which is the dark part of the nipple should be done with a lot of care as this is a vital part of the female body. Skin tag on areola can be removed from the comfort of your home and cheaply in many ways.


Skin tag on areola can be removed with a tie and snip method. In this method of removing skin tag on areola, you will have to tightly tie a thread at the base of the tag. This gets rid of blood supply to the skin tag and makes it numb. You then take a sterilized pair of scissors and cut of the skin tag on areola. This will be an open wound and therefore you need to keep it sterilized and clean with an antibacterial ointment and if you do not have one, peroxide can do the trick.


You can also remove skin tag on areola by buying medicine from your home chemist. There are several over-the-counter ointments that you can use to remove skin tag on areola. Sometimes medications meant to treat warts are used on skin tag on areola and it works.


Castor oil has been used to treat several skin conditions. This ointment is a remedy for skin tag on areola. Castor oil is mixed with baking soda to create a mixture. This paste is rubbed on the skin tag on areola and left to dry up. After about two weeks, the skin tags are going to disappear after drying out.


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