Skin Growths

The skin is a remarkable entity of the body that does more that it is taken for. It protects the body’s inner organs, keeps the body warm and help the body in detoxification. It is also a part of the body that keep growing and regeneration really fast in case of damage. At times it may develop tiny growth that may be flat or that protrude like a minute stalk. These are things that are termed as skin tags.  These protrusions of tags are in many case painless and pose very little health risks. Due to the nature in which the form, many people will presume skin tags to be wart. By logical terms they can be coined to be called warts. However, skin tags should not be generalised as warts for they are far different from warts just similar in resemblance.

There is no accurate reason as to why skin tags will appear on the skin. Doctors and other skin specialist say that the tags will grow due to skin rubbing against skin. The areas of the body that experience rubbing are like the eyelids, the neck, armpits buttocks and in some instances the genital area. The reason why one would want to have these painless skin tags removed is because they are very susceptible to irritation. This happens due to frequent rub of the tags against the skin, or against clothes or even the ornaments put on.

Skin tags can be as small as the head of a pin and can grow to a grape size. The size variation also does not have an accurate reason as to why it occurs. The very tiny skin protrusions can be dealt with easily by simply cutting them off. This though, does have the possibility of it been painful and some amount of bleeding may or may not ensue. It is due to the bleeding factor that it is advisable for one to have his or her skin doctor do the removal skin tag.

In the case of the very developed skin tags, the involvement of the doctor is paramount to proper removal. This is when some medicate measure will be employed to achieve this; which are generally termed as minor surgeries. The will involve they use of drugs to have the skin tags cut-off from the skin while cause no harm to the skin. Consequently, there will be some level of pain involved in this kind of removal but the results are in most cases 100% excellent.


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