Reason For Skin Tags

Skin tags are loose hanging growths on the skin, usually found in areas where the skin folds. They can either be similar to the color of the person’s skin or somewhat darker. There are various reasons for skin tags on a person, and though they can infect anyone, they are commonly found on adults. They are usually present on the eyelids, under the arms, under the breasts in women and on the neck. It is not completely clear what ultimately causes skin tags but some reasons for skin tags that health professionals have come up with include;

Obesity – Some studies show that reasons for skin tags are as a result of one being overweight, and the skin rubbing against each other. Moreover, because skin tags occur where skin is bunched up, many obese people are prone to these infections due to the folds of skin on the body.

Genetics – Other reasons for skin tags have been attributed to genes. One may have skin tags if they are present in the family lineage. Though it is rare to find babies with skin tags, there is a high likelihood of infection if they run in the family.

Diabetes – This has also been classified as one of the reasons for skin tags. Skin tags are especially likely to occur on Type 2 diabetic individuals. The link between diabetes and obesity too has been regarded as part of the reasons for skin tags.

Pregnancy – During pregnancy, it is common for women to have skin tags, on their eyelids, their neck or under their breasts. Also, increased hormonal levels in pregnancy are inclusive of reasons for skin tags. However, unlike the above reasons for skin tags, pregnancy is short lived and you may find that some of the skin tags simply fall off after the pregnancy comes to full term.

Steroids – This is one of the reasons for skin tags that results due to collagen fibers grouping together. Skin tags will come about if collagen and blood vessels are trapped in areas where the skin is thick. Steroids have this effect on skin and this is why they are one of the reasons for skin tags in most athletes.

Chaffing – Another one of the reasons for skin tags, this occurs in areas where the skin is constantly rubbing against each other.

Skin tags appear unsightly to many people and though in some cases the reasons for skin tags may be inexplicable, there are treatment methods that can be enforced to get rid of them.

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