How Do Skin Tags Form?

Skin tags are growths that appear on the skin. They are diagnosed to be bland protrusions that pose no grave danger to the skin or body. The tags are also medically known to be benign thus they should not pose any alarming worries unless there is another reason as to why the growth poses such a thing. There has been much speculation into reasons as to why the skin tags appear and why they tend to be more apparent in certain areas of the body. With all the research that has gone into find out the secret behind skin tags, there is yet any conclusive evidence to be brought to light.

Skin specialists and researchers are ever in their labs trying to have the answers to these ailments. Nevertheless, they do have one conclusive answer which is still debatable. They say that skin tags appear due to the rubbing of the skin on clothes and or the skin. This is a fact that is backed through the areas where the tags appear. The groin, the anal area, armpits and neck are the parts susceptible to skin tags for they are always experiencing a lot of friction from either clothes or skin to skin.

What affects the skin composition to have the tags growing is not known. Just like many other skin condition that are said to be both painless and harmless the skin tags are unwanted elements of the skin that one will want gone. Many people will be alarmed when they start appearing for there are other skin diseases that are quite similar in appearance but are medically proven to be health risks.  Skin warts and even cancer tumors will very much resemble the skin tags, a reason why people will be worried at the onset of skin tags popping out on the skin.

How they grown and develops is a process over a duration of time. The tags will protrude from the skin first, and then with time they will increase in size and attain different shapes. Some skin tags will be flat and other will grow like a stalk averaging around 5mm or even the size of a grape.  As they grow they will be attacked to the skin by a stem. The stem will tend not to increase in width but the top part of the tags does increase. Large skin tags are the ones that get itchy when they experience friction.


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