Cut Skin Tag

A skin tag is a small pieces of skin hanging from the outer body parts. These are very common among people and are not considered an outcome of any disease. Although skin tags do not look good on the skin, these are not at all dangerous to human the body but are rather benign in nature. There is a fact about skin tags that 50% of individuals develop a skin tag at some point in their life.

Actually one can cut skin tag with the simple methods explained later in this article. Skin tags can be formed on any part of the human body without specifics to any part, but a general tendency is to come out at those areas where clothes rub against the skin or skin rubs against other skin. The most common areas are neck, armpits, eyelids or groin.

How to cut skin tag

Actually you can cut skin tag easily at home. You can use a pair of sterilized scissors to cut skin tag off the skin. This is an instant removal method to get rid of this unwanted part. While it seems simple to cut skin tag at home, one should not make it a habit to try this alone. You have to be careful as this may result in bleeding.  After you cut skin tag you need to apply peroxide with pressure to stop the bleeding.

Actually you should try to cut skin tag yourself if it is small in size. You should not cut skin tag if you are unsure. There is another way to remove skin tag by using tea tree oil. You can use small cotton piece soaked in water. Pour 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and rub against the skin tag. Do it 3-4 times a day for 2 to 3 days. This natural way removes the skin tag without any pain which generally results when you cut skin tag with a sharp edged tool.

Another method to remove skin tag is by applying a paste formed from mixing castor oil and baking soda. This thick paste can be applied for around two weeks frequently on the skin tag till it dries up. There is no doubt that the fastest way among all of the above is to cut skin tag with nail clipper or scissors. But it is the choice of an individual as to how he or she wants to cut skin tag or remove this hanging skin from his or her body part.

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