Does Medical Insurance Cover Skin Tag Removal?

A skin tag is generally a growth of the skin that can occur on just about any part of the body. Since having this kind of skin condition brings about embarrassment, many individuals regards skin tag removal as an opportunity to get rid of the offensive marks. There are those people who merely have one skin tag or a couple, while there are those who have unreasonably numerous skin tags. Regardless of the case, it is best to know what a skin tag is and how one can be removed.

There are several areas of the body where a skin tag may occur. The most typical areas include the eyelid, neck, shoulder, armpit, upper chest, underneath the breast, groin, genital, anus, and any other spot of the skin that folds over. Basically, skin that rubs against skin is the most likely to develop a skin tag. Even if skin tags are considered as tumors, these do not bring any harm to the affected individual. The appearance of these small growths does not even signal that the skin has poor health. Most of the time, skin tags appear on totally healthy skin. Different with any other skin conditions, a skin tag is benign in nature, which means they do not develop into cancer or any other harmful conditions.

Taking into account that there are now several medical procedures that are associated to skin tag removal, anyone who has skin tags may have the propensity of going for a try. However, you may be wondering – does medical insurance cover skin tag removal or not? If you are under a medical insurance policy, you might be wondering whether you will be reimbursed by your insurance provider once you go for skin tag removal procedures. Simply put, there are several insurance carriers that categorize skin tag removal under cosmetic procedures. This goes to show that undergoing a skin tag removal procedures entails payment shouldered by the patient. But then again, there are rare cases in which documented medical needs of highly symptomatic and suspicious growths may necessitate the support of medical treatment involving skin tags.

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