Dark Skin Tags

There are several skin conditions and skin tags are one of them. Skin tags are a skin condition that is characterized by skin that is small and hanging. Skin tags are very common and therefore information about them is widely sought after.


Skin tags are acquired meaning that they are contacted from an infected person. However, it is a benign skin condition hence totally harmless. Other than directly contacting skin tags, they can be inherited genetically and also caused by being overweight. For women, those who have an alright weight but have larger breasts compared to their body are also likely to have this condition affecting them under the breast. This skin condition equally affects both men and women. There is no sex that is more prone to skin tags than the other.


There are various forms of a skin tag. Some can be flesh colored, others wrinkled, others flat and others on a peduncle which makes them hang. They can also be very small or as big as a grape. Skin tags can sometimes be lighter than the rest of the surrounding skin or even darker. Dark skin tags are a major concern especially for light-skinned people. A dark skin tag is said to be hyperpigmented. This means that it has a lot of color pigmentation in it.


Dark skin tags on light-skinned people make them seek treatment. There are several treatments for dark skin tags. There are treatments which work to make dark skin tags lighter while others completely get rid of the dark skin tags.


Cryotherapy is one way of dealing with skin tags. This is done at the dermatologists and involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze the growths. You can also completely cut off your dark skin tags. This is achieved by tying tightly a thread or dental floss at the base of the dark skin tags. This makes the tags numb by blocking blood flow into the tags. A pair of scissors is then used to clip off the dark skin tags. Peroxide or an antibacterial ointment is used afterwards to keep the wound clean and keep off bacteria.


Medication meant for warts can be used on skin tags. Many people say that warts treatments work even better on skin tags and therefore you can try this out.


In conclusion, before you settle on a remedy for dark skin tags, ensure that you have told you dermatologist about it for advice.


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