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A skin tag is a protruding section of the skin that resembles a tag. Skin tags commonly occur in areas where there is friction between skin and skin. These areas include armpits, under breasts, eyelids, groin, chest, and upper neck. Skin tags are not cancerous and cause no symptoms unless they are agitated by scratching or rubbing. If large skin tags are subjected to a lot of pressure they can rapture. The components of a skin tag include: ducts, fibrous tissue, nerve cells, fat cells and an epidermis. There are people who are more susceptible to the condition probably as a result of being overweight, hereditary factors, and other unknown reasons. They are also common for people who have diabetes.

One of the methods that are used to remove skin tags is freezing. It is the most widely used method of skin tag removal but many people shy away from skin tag removal. The main reason is because skin tags usually occur in sensitive private areas of the body such as under breasts and the genital area. Although skin tags are not cancerous, they can be very unsightly to look at. As a result, many developments have been made in the procedures involved while removing them.

The process of skin tag freezing usually took place in a hospital but this has recently changed dramatically. There has been an increase in production of freezing kits that can be safely used in homes. This has in turn caused a considerable reduction in the prices of home skin tag freezing kits. As a result, they have become very easily accessible to people who used to be embarrassed about having skin tags. Skin tag freezing kits are not very well known and people usually get difficulties deciding what type of kit to buy.

One of the most popular freezing kits is known as a cryosurgery freezing kit. This kit can be able to instantly freeze more than 21 different lesions on the skin such as tags and warts. This kit is relatively more expensive than other kits but it is more effective as well.

The Histofreezer Cryosurgery freezing kit is yet another type of kit used to freeze skin tags. The freezing kit is usually enough for 5 freezes and it is easy and safe to use. The freezing process with this skin tag freezing kit takes about 40 seconds and it has been proven to have a 100% rate of success in dealing with skin tags.

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Large Skin Tags

Large skin tags are outgrowths on the skin that occur due to friction, excess skin on the body or due to genetic inheritance. Skin tags vary in form, they can be large in size or small in size, whether large or small they cause no danger. Curing the skin tag while they are still small is better other than curing them when they are large. Sometime you can treat a skin tag when it is still young but still grows large, if this occurs seek medical attention first. It is not necessary to treat skin tags but having them on your skin especially the large skin tags can be very uncomfortable.

Large skin tags are first tested to make sure they are not carrying any other infections; they don’t cause skin cancer however they can be carrying skin cancer though no case is reported. Large skin tags can be very irritating especially if they are disturbed by clothing, make sure the skin tag is not frequently disturbed. If possible make sure nothing touches the skin tag or you can simply cut it off. When it comes to cutting the skin tag off ensure you know what you are doing, skin tags should be cut at the skin near the skin tag. If you cut the skin tag and leave a small portion of the skin tag on your skin it will simply regenerate.

Large skin tags are better left for the dermatologist to treat; this is because surgery is the best option for treating large skin tags. The dermatologist first tests the skin tag, either surgery or Cryotherapy technique will then be used to get rid of the skin tag. Cryotherapy may take time to act on the skin tag depending on its size; however Cryotherapy kills the source of the skin tag completely. You can also use medication or the natural home remedies to cure skin tags but this may take a very long time or some time they may not work.

If you treat the skin tag by whatever method and they reappear on the same spot or a different spot, that skin tag may be having other infections, the dermatologist is the best person who can handle such a situation. The same procedure can be followed to cure the skin tag but for methods like Cryotherapy if repeated on the same spot will cause death of more tissues.

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Skin Tag Treatment

Individuals wanting to undergo skin tag treatment have several options to choose from. Even though skin tags are not harmful and these do not lead to cancer, there are still lots of people who are engaged on skin tag treatment. It has to be noted that even if the growths when left attached to the skin do not bring any kind of danger to the skin or to the health of the affected individual, irritation may persist. Discomfort may even be experienced especially when the skin tags are rubbed against jewelry or clothes. There are also instances when shaving may be difficult to do because of the formation of skin tags.

It has to be taken into account that nerve cells make up skin tags. Because of this, pain is a common factor that is always present in any kind of skin tag removal technique. There are now several ways that can be taken in order to have effective actions on treating skin tags. This goes to show that it is best to consult a skin doctor first before considering any technique that aims to remove skin tags. There are several techniques that may be offered to you by a physician depending on the severity of your skin condition.

Procedures involving skin tag removal is considered to be cosmetic so there is no need to rely on your insurance. If you are determined to have your skin tags removed, you must afford the treatment and you must also have the right mode to have it done properly.

Physicians who will be taking care of the skin tag removal procedures may require the intake of painkillers especially if there are large skin tags involved. The injection of lidocaine into the affected area of the skin is also possible. In some cases, topical anesthesia is utilized in the site where there are several skin tags.

Some of the most common procedures of modern skin tag treatment that may be chosen from by the patient are the following: cauterization, cryosurgery, excision, and surgical ligation. If the growth on the skin is suspected to be anything that is not considered as a skin tag, then a sample of that growth may be sent to a pathologist in order to have it under examinations that will help greatly in the diminishing of the tendency of it to cause skin cancer.

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