What Problems Do Skin Tags Cause?

By and large, there are no problems that skin tags cause. Apart from the cosmetic appearance that is brought about by the tags on the skin, they do not entail any kind of discomfort or pain. However, when they are irritated persistently just like in the groin or by the collar, these small skin growths cause symptoms.

The most common reason as to why skin tags are removed cosmetically these days is the unpleasant appearance that comes along with the development of skin tags. But then again, most of the time, skin tag removal is required by a physician whenever the skin tag becomes red or black. A skin tag ordinarily becomes red whenever it gets very irritated especially if there is bleeding involved. On the other hand, a skin tag becomes black when the skin tissue suffers from necrosis or the dying or twisting of skin tissue.

Pain and discomfort are usually experienced whenever the skin tags are irritated or snagged by jewelry and clothing. Even pets contribute to the irritation of skin tags. Snagging caused by seatbelts may also trigger the affected individual to feel minimal pain or discomfort. Even if there are pain and discomfort involved, it has to be noted that this little growth on the skin do not lead to cancer since this skin condition not malignant.

One popular skin tag treatment these days is cryosurgery. The skin tags first undergo ligation wherein the skin is clamped or tied off by forceps in order to stop bleeding. After which, the tag tissue is treated by a freezing technique that causes the skin tag to be killed and fall off with liquid nitrogen. This technique may require repetitions and discoloration of the skin is also to be experienced.
There is also a technique known as excision. With the use of a scalpel or a scissor, a physician gets rid of the growth by means of cutting it. Since there is a cutting involved, there is a minor bleeding that comes with it even though the skin tag is right away removed.

Skin tags are certainly a very common skin condition, and that is why more and more people are being engaged in home skin tag removal. Nevertheless, there are several options beyond surgical procedures that may be taken into consideration when deeming the need of having the skin tags removed.

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