What Does A Skin Tag Look Like?

What Does A Skin Tag Look Like?

It is possible that you have heard quite a lot about skin tags without knowing how they look like exactly. Knowing how they appear is very important in that it will enable you to recognize the skin condition if it appears on your skin. This simple write up will give you a reliable description of skin tag.

The general appearance

Skin tag is very small in size. When you touch it, it feels very soft to the touch. It usually comes up with exactly the same color as your skin. In case you are a dark skinned person, you will end up with a skin tag that appears just like the skin. It generally looks like a grain of rice hanging down on the skin. It is connected to the skin by a stalk like thing.

What predisposes you to having it

There is actually no specific findings on what can lead to skin tags. In actual fact, it is believed that everyone can come up with skin tag. What is well known is the part of the body where skin tags can come up. It had been discovered that skin tag can come up on parts of the body that are consistently rubbed. It can also grow on nay part of the body that is moist and hot.

Where it can be frequently seen

According to the above paragraph, skin tag can grow on places that are frequently rubbed, because of this; it can grow on a place like the eyelid. It can also grow on the neck. If the area of the skin is also moist, it can give off skin tags. You should then expect the skin condition to come up on your anus, scrotum, labia and even your armpit; considering the moist nature of these parts of the body. Other places where you can expect skin tags to come up include the torso and the breast.

 Things you need to know

It may be true that the specific causes of skin tags are not known. But you stand a better chance of getting it as you grow old. Certain conditions like pregnancy can also predispose someone to having the skin problem. Aside this, skin tag had been discovered to grow in response to the hyperactive growth of the superficial layer of the skin. It had also been discovered that women stand a very great chance of ending up with it.

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