Skin Tags & Friction

Skin tags are harmless protrusions of skin that resemble tags. There are many types of skin tags that occur on the body most of which have various causes and treatments processes. Skin tags are usually not cancerous and there is no need to remove them unless a person is worried about their appearance. This is mostly the case and it makes many people to seek methods of removing the tags.

Fibroma skin tags are one of the types of tags. They are very big and occur in large numbers. These tags increase in size gradually over the years and can grow to the size of eggs. They are extremely rare. The most effective method to deal with this type of skin tag is surgical excision.

The most common type of skin tags are called acrochordon skin tags. The actual mechanism that causes skin tags is unknown but the causes of skin tags are known. One of the causes of skin tags is friction. This usually occurs in areas where skin rubs against skin and includes areas such as groins, armpits, eyelids and under breasts.

Friction is not only known to cause skin tags but it also agitates the tags. Skin tags don’t usually cause any symptoms or discomfort. They however usually appear in areas where there is a high probability of rubbing against clothing, skin or jewelry. When this happens, it causes a lot of irritation since skin tags contain significant amounts of nerve cells.

In areas where skin tags occur, they usually form in groups. This increases the probability of friction which further agitates the skin in the area. As a result, there is formation of more skin tags as well as increase in the sizes of the existing tags.

There are two groups of people that are prone to develop skin tags. The first group is overweight people and the other group is pregnant women. These two groups have one main thing in common and that is weight. Obese people have excessive amounts of fat which causes a lot of friction and as a result increasing the probability of skin tag formation.

Pregnant women are also affected by skin tags. This is because pregnancy causes women to gain weight pretty quickly. As a result, there is also increased friction in certain parts of the body which increases the probability that skin tags will appear. The relationship between skin tag and friction is therefore clear from these examples.

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