Skin Tag Penis

Skin tag can appear on any part of the body; especially in areas of the skin that do not undergo much tension. One of such areas where the skin condition can occur is the penal shift. The penis had been discovered to be prone to this skin condition and it is even a vey common area where the skin condition can occur. It is as common as the type found in the armpit and other skin areas. The skin tag on this part of the body does not really have any health implication. But one still has to get it removed once it is noticed.

What to avoid

When you end up with skin tag, you need to put a lot to things into consideration if you do not want the skin condition to lead to other complications on you. One of such things to consider is that you need to abstain from sex. Love making can lead to abrasion on the skin tag and this will lead to bruises on it. The bruises can lead to infection. If care is not taken, other worse health conditions are on the way. You also need to avoid anything that will cause abrasion on the skin tag; like wearing tight fitting clothing.

How to get rid of it

It is never convenient to have the skin tag on your skin for any reason. It then becomes necessary to get rid of it. You can decide to get it excised. This is done after an anesthesia had been injected into the area where you have the skin condition. After the injection, the growth can then be cut off. This needs to be managed properly under medical guidance so that further infection will not result from it. This should ensure complete freedom from the skin tag.

Cut off its supply

The skin tag thrives on blood and nutrient from your body supply. It too is supplied by blood vessels and you may not be able to get rid of it until you have put an end to its blood supply.  In order to do this, you can tie a thread around the base of the projection. This will surely stop blood from flowing into the area. With time, it will die off; since it is not supplied by blood and any nutrient anymore. This had proved to be a very effective way of removing   skin tag.

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