Skin Tag On The Labia

Skin tag is one of the most common skin problems being experienced today. Many individuals out there are actually having it. It can also affect both male and female. This is one of the contributory factors that make it very common.  Many of the guys walking past you on the street may actually have skin tags. Some skin tags can appear on secluded parts of the body and you will never know that those individuals are having it except they tell you. Have you heard of the possibility of skin tags coming up on the labia before? In case you haven’t, this simple write up will open your eyes to more facts about this occurrence.

The labia are the piece of flesh that covers the entrance of the female genitals. This part of the body too can be affected by skin tag. This form of skin tag can actually lead to something more complicated if care is not taken.

The possible complications

The labia are located at a highly secluded part of the body. This area tends to get moist most of the time. This situation leads to the possibility of the skin tag growing in this area to get moist. When it does, other form of infection can come up. This can lead to the decay of the skin around the skin tag. The area affected by the skin tag too end up expanding. If care is not taken, the complication may get out of hand.

Its characteristics

The skin tag on the labia is moist most of the time. It red papules that grow on the affected area tend to get bruised due to the friction with clothing material. This tends to increase the scratching felt by the individuals affected. Scratching it will of course make things really bad. The lesion may soon become an open wound if treatment is not sought on time.

Simple treatment

Extended treatment is not actually needed for skin tag on the labia. The extent of the treatment applied on it is determined by how early treatment is sought. If you seek treatment early enough, things can be put under control easily. But if the skin tag and the surrounding skin are infected before you go for treatment, you may have to spend more to get the things treated.

While seeking for treatment, it is better to go to the hospital; considering the sensitive nature of the skin of the labia.

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