Skin Tag Near Eyes

Skin tag is a rather stubborn kind of skin condition. It is stubborn in the sense that it can appear on any part of the body where it feels like appearing.  There are times you can find it on the armpit and even at the anal region. At times, it can also decide co come up on the neck and the penis. In some cases, the skin condition can be found around the eyelid.  This can be very stigmatizing; as the person so affected by this kind of skin tag may not be able to show his or her face in public places and walk the street freely. He will surely think that all eyes are on him.

Any health implication?

Aside the psychological effect that skin tag has, it had never been known to have any implication on the health of the individual it is affecting. Because of this, you may not even bother your head about getting it removed at all. But if you are so much bothered about what people will say, you may then need to give removing the skin tag from your skin a very serious thought.

Any problem with removing it?

Some people are of the opinion that they may end up with more skin tag when they try to get it removed. There is no evidence to back this kind of claim up. Because you remove the skin condition does not give any indication that it may seed and increase on your eyelid. Many individual had gotten it removed and they never had to bother about this kind of situation.  You should then go ahead with any removal method for the skin tag without any kind of fear whatsoever.

Any fear of cancer?

When you have skin tag near the eyes, you do not need to worry about the skin condition leading to cancer. Tags are not malignant in the least. Removing them will never lead to any problem for you. It rarely occurs for the skin condition to lead to cancer. As long as the type of tag near the eyelid does not have bumps or bleed, then you do not need to worry about possible cancerous growth.


There are several methods through which the skin tag can be removed from the skin. You can either make use of medical means or natural means both methods had been discovered to be very effective against this skin condition.

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