Removing Skin Tags With Tea Tree Oil

When you have skin tags, you do not need to really be too bothered about it. This is because skin tags do not have any side effect whatsoever. The skin tags can appear on several parts of the body. You can even have it in your groin and the anal region. It can also come up on the face. You can decide to leave it on the skin and there won’t be any hazardous effect in the least. There are times however that you may want to get rid of the skin tags. There are several treatment methods that can be easily used for this purpose. There are quite many of them.   This simple write up is going to look into how you can make use of tea tree oil for the treatment of the skin condition.

Tea tree oil is derived from melaleuca alternifolia plant. The oil had been known to be very helpful in treating several forms of skin conditions apart from the skin tags. It also does not have any hazardous effect on the skin. By the time you are through with the treatment, you will be able to regain your fresh skin again. Nothing like scar will even be left on the skin.

How to apply it

The cure process starts with washing the surface of the skin tag with water and ordinary bathing soap. Leave the washed place to dry. After this, apply the oil directly on the surface of the skin tags. In order to carry out a proper application of this particular oil on the skin tags, get a small cotton wool and roll in into a ball stick a piece of stick into it and dampen the cotton ball with water. Dip the dampened cotton ball into the oil and allow the drop from the cotton ball to fall on the skin tags.   For better effect, you can decide to rub the cotton ball on the skin tag.

How long before haling

The application of tea tree oil on the skin tags does not bring any form of over night solution. Instead, it will taker some time before you can ever get some positive result. You may need to carry out the application for as long as two weeks before the skin tags will disappear. In order to make things work faster, you should try to apply the tea tree oil for up to three times in a day.

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