Q&A: skin tags?

Ruth asks…

skin tags?

On the under side of both my breasts I have tiny little…what look like skin tags (really tiny like the head of a pimple kind of). I noticed them on one breast first then they spread to the other. There are quite a few (like 50 on each breast (only from the bottom of the areola down but all over). They are skin coloured. Not at all red or infected or painful. I thought they were just normal skin tags, until i grabbed ones with tweezers and pulled. And it came out…with a root of the same colour. It didn’t hurt at all…i didn’t even feel it come out. I experimented and they do all come out…there’s just too many there to try to pull them all out. But, what are they? There is a possibility i could be pregnant…is it a pregnancy thing?
erm….actually i am pregnant….

admin answers:

First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! About the bumps on your breasts… I’ve never heard of anything like that. Especially since you can pull them out. I’d call or go to see your doctor or midwife.