Penile Skin Tags Removal

Skin tag can be found on any part of the body. It had been known to be found on the armpit and even near the eyelid. There are times it can appear on ordinary part of the skin and it can also be found on the penis. Several times, reports have been made of the skin condition occurring at the anal region. This simple write up will be discussing about the skin tag on the anal region and you will be given an insight into how to get it removed in case you are one of those having it.

Its general characteristics

When skin tag appears on the penal shaft, it tends to be very dangerous. This is because the person so affected by it may find it difficult to put on tight fitting pant or trouser. When this is done, the clothing material will rub on the tag and this will lead to formation of bruise on the tag. When this happens, bleeding can occur and the person having it will be in pain. Love making can also cause considerable pain on the penal shaft if it has skin tag on it. It therefore becomes very important to get the tag removed as soon as possible.

Freeze it off

In order to remove skin tag from the skin around the penal shaft, one can decide to freeze it off. This is done by applying liquid nitrogen to it. In order to do this, you have to dip tweezers into the liquid nitrogen and apply the tweezers on the base of the tag. Leave the tweezers in place until the skin tag freezes. This method requires that you repeat it several times. If possible repeat it up to three times in a day for quick result.

Try castor oil

You can also make use of castor oil to remove the skin tag on the penal shaft. Mix the castor oil with baking soda. This will form a paste. Apply the paste directly to the surface of the tag and you can be sure that the tag will dry off. It is also important to repeat this for as many times as possible so as to get quick result.


For those `who really want to get rid of skin tag from their penal shaft, they really need to exercise patience with every of the methods that had been highlighted above. This will ensure that you get a positive result at the end of the day.

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