Natural Skin Tag Removal

Many individuals always think that skin tag can lead to cancer. But the truth is that there is no link between skin tag and cancer. Skin tag can grow on any part of the body. When it grows on hidden parts of the body, it can easily get bruised and bruised skin tags can get easily infected. Infected skin tag will surely lead to other health complications if it is not treated on time. In case you are having this skin condition, the best thing you can do to avoid any possible problem is to get rid of it on time so as not to end up with very uncomfortable situation.

This write up will open your eyes to some of the simple things you can do to get rid of this skin condition within a very short period to time.

Try duct tape

Duct tape can be used for treating this skin condition right at home without any problem whatsoever.  The use of duct tape involves very simple procedure that anyone can try out. It involves wrapping the duct tape around the skin condition and leaving it for some time. After about twenty four hours, the duct tape can be removed and another one applied; provided the skin tag has not dropped off after the first twenty four hours of application.  The duct tape has a way of weakening the skin tag from its root and the root.  The skin tag rarely leaves any spot on the skin after it had been removed this way.

 Tie it up

You can also get rid of the skin condition by tying it at its root.  This is done by simply tying a small string around the base of the skin condition. This will help to cut off the blood and nutrient supply that comes into the skin tag from the body’s circulation. Before long, the skin tag will die off and leave no spot at all on the skin.

Cut it from the root

It is also possible to get rid of the skin tag by cutting it from the root. This can be done with a scissors or nail cutter. Hold the nail cutter to the root of the skin tag and cut it off form its base. This is a very painful way of getting things done and it is also the fastest way. This method can however leave spots on the skin.

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