Infected Skin Tag

Skin tag is a kind of skin condition that tends to make the skin look rather ugly and unsightly. When it appears on the skin, it looks like skin out growth and the outgrowth can either appear singly or in group. It can also be very painful especially when clothing is allowed to pass over it. There are times that the growth appears on the chest and the back. At times, the skin tag becomes infected. This is commonly seen in skin tags that appear around the genitals or the anus.  If left uncured, it may lead to one form of adverse condition or the other on the affected person.  There are several treatment methods that can be utilized in treating the skin condition and its infection.  Some of them will be highlighted below

Hydrogen peroxide

An important natural remedy that can be used for treating skin tag and any infection it may already have at home is hydrogen peroxide solution. Before you apply the solution on the skin problem, make sure you add moisturizer to the surface of the lesion and to the skin that surrounds the area. This will help to prevent the skin from the burning sensation that can be felt from the hydrogen peroxide solution when it is applied on the skin tag.

Herbs can be very useful

There are different materials that had been claimed to be able to cure you of skin tag. But it had also been discovered that most of them do not work as the makers had claimed. In case you are looking for something that really works and will give you a fresh skin again at the end of the day, you may want to look into the use of herbs. Some herbs had been discovered to be able to clear your skin of skin tag. The herbs are natural antibiotics that can be very useful in getting rid of the skin condition and any form of infection it may have.

Photodynamic therapy

This method too had been used extensively for the treatment of skin tag and removing any infection. The method makes use of a dye. The dye is applied directly on the skin and it is left for up to one hour. After this, the skin is exposed to light. In order to keep the dye in place, you may apply a band aid directly on it. You can be sure that the skin condition will dry up with time.


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