Huge Skin Tags

Skin tags are very common. In fact, they are parts of the most common skin conditions around. Everyone can have it at one time or the other. It can also grow on practically any part of the body. When they grow, skin tags take up the color of the skin of the affected person. They normally look like hanging grain of rice on the skin. They are attached to the skin by thin stalks of flesh. Generally, skin tags are small in size. They may not even be more than about 0.05cm in diameter. But there are some instances in which skin tags can increase in size.

Such huge skin tags are not so common. Any of the skin tags growing on any part of the body can grow and become huge. Consistent rubbing of clothing materials against the skin tags is one of the predisposing factors that can make the skin tag grow big. When the skin tags are rubbed against by clothing materials, they get inflamed and more blood and body fluid flow into them.

How to get rid of such skin tags

When the skin tags grow in size this way, things may get a little complicated in getting rid of them. The method that will work very easily on the smaller size of skin tags may not work very easily on the big tags.  The period of time needed to get the big ones treated too may increase.

Many medical experts prefer to make use of excision to get rid of big skin tags. They are of the opinion that other methods like the application of topical creams may not have meaningful effect on it. The huge skin tags may therefore need to be removed by surgery.

After removal of the huge skin tag, spots or blemishes may be left on the skin. It may even take a longer period of time before the point of surgery is completely healed.

In case you do not like the idea of surgery, you may also decide to make use of garlic to get rid of the skin tag. All you need to do is to cover the whole skin tag with garlic paste. After some days, it will be removed from the skin.


The conventional way of tying a knot around the stalk of the skin tag can also be used to get rid of it. This has also proved to be a very good method of removing huge skin tags.

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