How To Control Skin Tags

It is not very funny at all to have Skin tag on your skin. Anyone who has it may not like the outcome in the least.  The skin condition can make one look very ugly and it may even become rather difficult to present one’s skin in public places. Some people may decide to drape piece of cloth around their neck or over their head in an attempt to cover up the skin condition. But such people may not find such protective measure very comfortable during the summer when the whole earth is bathed by the heat from the sun.  If you do not want to continue living as described above, there are things you can do in order to control Skin tag.

Keep things simple

Skin tag does not have any kind of cancerous propensity on the skin in the least. This is to say that you may not even do anything about the skin condition and you will never suffer from cancer.  If you do not want the skin condition to lead to something more tragic, you need to treat the skin condition very carefully. It is not helpful to allow clothing and other things to brush over the Skin tag.  If this happens, the tag will be bruised and this may lead to other complications that may go out of control. In order to control your Skin tag, you need to avoid exposing the area covered by the tag to abrasion or tension.

No to sex for now

In case you are having penal Skin tag, you need to keep away from sex for now. During sexual intercourse, the tag will be continuously brush over. This will lead to the bruise that you are trying to avoid and it will make the tag go really bad.

Make use of vitamin E

Vitamin E can be very helpful in getting rid of Skin tag from the skin. It is very easy to apply. Get hold of a band aid and place the vitamin E on it. Use the coated band aid to cover up the tag. This will help to get the tag removed from your skin.  You need to leave the band aid applied on the tag until you notice that the band aid is loose. Check to see if the Skin tag has been removed. In case it hasn’t, apply more vitamin E to another band aid and use this to wrap the tag again until the tag is fully removed.

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