Facts About Skin Tags

  • Skin tags are hanging pieces of skin on the body. Sometimes referred to as peduncles or stalks.
  • They emerge one by one, but they may also occur in clusters. A person may have from 50-100.
  • It measures from of 2mm up to 5cm. They are sometimes barely noticeable or can be quite obvious, depending on their location.
  • Found in the regions of the body where there are folds of skin which are rubbing against each other, or against clothing or jewellery.
  • Skin tags occur more frequently in certain groups within the society such as the elderly, the obese, people who are marginally overweight or even pregnant women. Therefore, while they are primarily thought to occur with old age, younger persons are just as vulnerable to the condition.
  • Skin tags are common among persons who are diabetic because of their resistance to insulin. As a matter of fact, skin tags can be a sign of insulin resistance, which may mean there are more serious medical conditions such as pre-diabetes at play.
  • They are accepted as a type of tumor but these are not malignant, that means they are not cancerous.
  • Persons with skin tags can go through life and not have any need for concerns with them. However, there are times when the constant rubbing may cause irritations causing it to hemorrhage.
  • It is not a chronic illness, and so treatments available are considered minor surgery.
  • If it begins to bleed, grow quickly or have multiple colors, you may need to get a screening in which a biopsy will be performed.
  • Using liquid nitrogen to freeze the extended skin is one treatment.
  • Using a scissors or scalpel, skin tags can be cut off. There may be slight bleeding but this can be treated with antiseptics.
  • With this being a skin disorder, some persons would prefer to use creams to lessen the skin tags. However, there are no creams that have been proven to remove them. In fact, it is not advised that popular skin care treatments be used. These will only cause further irritation in the affected areas or result in other conditions such as rashes.
  • They are sometimes mistaken with other skin issues such as warts. The differences can be sighted upon closer inspection as in contrast to warts which can be quite rough. Skin tags are smooth and appear as bumps hanging from a very thin stalk. Other abnormal skin growths that are sometimes mistaken include moles.

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