Can Tea Tree Oil Remove Skin Tags?

Skin tags is not an unknown kind of skin condition. It can appear on any part of the body. There are times it will be conspicuous and there are some other times it will be hidden. The hidden skin tags can easily get bruised and this can lead to infection of the skin tag. Infected skin tags can be sources of various health complications. Skin tags on open places too do not seem like the best of ideas. They can disfigure you and make you look unsightly. This is to say that it is better to get rid of skin tags on time; irrespective of the fact that it is not benign. Do not forget that some skin tags can also get enlarged and become carcinogenic. It is better to get them removed before they ever get enlarged.

Several treatment methods had been developed for the treatment of skin tags. Many of the methods are very active against the skin condition. Some of the methods require that you pay a visit to the hospital before they can be applied, while some other methods can be implemented right at home without the guidance of any doctor or dermatologist.  One of the moist popular home remedies used for treating skin tags is tea tree oil. The technique of this treatment method will be discussed below.

Tea tree oil is a well known essential oil. Over time, it had been used for treating several skin conditions. Before you apply tea tree oil on the skin tag, you need to ensure the complete cleanness of the skin tag. Wash it very gently with soap and water. Allow the water to dry off and then go ahead to apply the oil.  In order not to waste the tea tree oil while carrying out this application, you should make use of cotton ball for its application. Dampen the cotton ball with water and dip it into the tea tree oil. Apply the oil around the skin tags until the whole skin tags is well covered.

Tea tree oil may be very active against skin tag. But it does not perform magic. It will take some times before the skin condition can leave your skin. There are times you will get relieved within days and it can take some weeks before your skin will be free.


Consistent application is the only sure way to getting rid of skin tags using tea tree oil. Lack of consistency will only amount to waste of time.


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