Anal Skin Tag

Anal Skin Tag

The anal area of one’s body is a very private place which is very sensitive. The skin there is a little bit soft and moist due to constant friction experienced in that area. When one has an anal skin tag it can cause a lot of discomfort. Skin tags are known to appear on areas of the skin that tends to have a lot of skin to skin friction. Thus is will not be uncommon for one to get the tags around their anal area. This makes it very uncomfortable to operate in day to day activities. This situation is aggravated even more when one goes to the toilet for example. In this instance cleanliness can be a major factor.

Having the stated facts, it should not be an alarming thing to note that you have anal skin tags. They are just like any other skin tag growing on any other part of the body. Bearing this in mind will be vital in handling the skin tags. Because of a lot of friction around the anus, the end result of having the skin tags there is a lot of irritation and thus the subsequent need to have the anal skin tag removed.  If not removed, the tags may lead to having some other anal related problems.

The constant friction due to movement and going to the toilet can make the skin tag irritated and sore or even bleed. Add on top of that the friction created by the bowel movement and it all becomes hard to bear. This makes it a dreaded experience for one to go to the toilet to relief him or herself; and if left unchecked and treated the situation can cause embarrassment. If there are a number of skin tags around the anus, staying clean can become a major issue and making every day activities a real problem.

In some cases the anal skin tag may be mistaken for an anal fissure. Both are painful and tend to cause bleeding. However, skin tags are protrusions around the anus, and fissures are tears around the anus. It is the constant movement of the anal muscles that will have both bleeding during the bowel movement.  Due to the kind of discomfort one gets with an anal skin tag, consultations with the doctor will be best to confirm that you do indeed have an anal skin tag and advise treatment accordingly.

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