skin tag removal remedy

Sharon asks…

where in england can i buy skin tag removal cream or remedy?

i don’t want it done by the doctor or a Professional and i have seen SKIN TAG REMOVAL REMEDY but it is all in america and they dont ship. a website i saw said that it could be wart remover too but which one? thanks….
oh and the skin tag is on my face……..

admin answers:

In England a doctor will remove a skin tag for free straight away in his office by either tying a piece of thread around it to cut off the blood supply or by freezing the skin tag using liquid nitrogen. However, with a skin tag on your face you won’t really want to walk around with a piece of thread hanging from it or risk any scarring.
We offer a 100% natural skin tag remover suitable for use anywhere on the body. All it takes is one simple 15 minute treatment and the skin tag will fall off in a few days. We also ship worldwide for a flat rate shipping fee.