How Do I Know It Is A Skin Tag

How Do I Know It Is Skin Tags?

There are many forms of skin conditions that can develop during ones life time. Some of them are very common while some other ones may not be so common. At times, some of the skin conditions can even look alike and this can create one form of confusion or the other when one is trying to identify the particular skin condition that is actually coming up on the skin.

Skin tags is a rather common skin condition. Despite the fact that it is common, it is possible for one to mistaken it for some other forms of skin conditions. In case you are not a trained medical expert, you may make mistakes in differentiating the skin condition from every other forms of skin condition. This simple write up has been made available for your benefit so that you will not end up making mistakes while trying to identify skin tags. Through this piece you will be able to know if that skin condition is truly skin tags or not.

How to identify them

Generally, skin tags look like lumps of flesh. The small lump of flesh is attached by a stalk to the skin. It is considerably small in size. It takes up exactly the same color as the color of your skin. It is also very soft to the touch. In fact, you will never have any problem in identifying it at all. It tends to look more like a bump on the skin. The bump does not however look roundish. Many had described the bumps as grains of rice.

Where to look out for it

Another thing that can be used in identifying skin tags is where they grow mostly. Skin tags can grow in places that are consistently rubbed. They are also known to grow in most and hot areas. Your genitals and eyelid are possible places where you can find skin tags. They can also be found on the breast and in the fold of the neck. Whenever you see anything that looks like a hanging grain of rice on any of the parts mentioned here, you should known quite well that it is nothing other  than skin tag.


You may begin to look out for skin tags as you grow old. In case you are a female, you should look out for it during your pregnancy. Some people had also reported having skin tags at younger ages.

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